Leonkov: Russian Armed Forces fail to destroy arms supplies to Ukraine by 100%

The Russian army in a special operation in Ukraine is doing everything possible to limit the supply of NATO and US weapons to Ukraine. Head of the Office of the President of Ukraine Andrey Ermak declared that the West is ready to provide military assistance to Kyiv in the form of multiple launch rocket systems MLRS and HIMARS. The delivery of about 35 units of equipment is announced. military expert Alexey Leonkov believes that the logistics of the Armed Forces of Ukraine are being built cunningly, so it is quite difficult for the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation to stop these deliveries.

“It is not possible to completely stop deliveries and limit their number. Our army does this on a regular basis, but there are still no reports of the destruction of weapons depots. The Ministry of Defense is working, but the enemy is also trying to work, and is trying to build his logistics as cunningly as possible in order to deliver these weapons to the place of hostilities,” the expert said in an interview with

He also adds that despite this, Kyiv is losing in the NWO. The Ukrainian army does not have enough firepower received from NATO countries for large-scale combat maneuvers.

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