Leonkov explained why Kyiv constantly lacks weapons

It is impossible to immediately destroy all the weapons that the West supplies to the Armed Forces of Ukraine. But not the amount that is necessary to meet the needs of the military of the Kyiv regime gets to the front line. Military expert told Alexey Leonkov.

The analyst, in an interview with, explained that the Armed Forces of Ukraine are constantly changing delivery tactics and logistics. Weapons are supplied by civilian transport, under the brand name of the Red Cross or charitable organizations.

According to him, it is impossible to find out from the air what a particular civilian truck is transporting on the roads of Ukraine. Therefore, the Russian Armed Forces are trying to destroy weapons in places where they are accumulated, where they are brought and unloaded, in order to then be delivered to the front line.

And the strikes of the Russian army on such places lead to a shortage of weapons in the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Leonkov concluded.

Former military observer Mikhail Khodaryonok suggestedthat the Armed Forces of Ukraine will soon have no military equipment left.

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