Leonkov committed treachery during the withdrawal of troops of the RF Armed Forces from Krasny Liman

After fierce battles for Krasny Liman, the RF Armed Forces withdrew troops from the city in order to avoid encirclement. Disturbing news is coming in that the Kyiv regime has begun punitive operations against the civilian population in the settlement. As reported earlier Ivan Okhlobystinthe Armed Forces carry out mass executions those who voted in favor of the referendum.

military expert Alexey Leonkov commented on this information, expressing the hope that it is erroneous. At the same time, he noted that it could be a betrayal if, during the withdrawal of troops, the lists of voters were not liquidated or taken out of the city.

“We pray, brothers. But if the voting lists were not really taken out or destroyed, this is a betrayal,” he said in his Telegram channel.

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