“Lenya Golubkov” from “MMM” married a long-legged beauty

Lenya Golubkov.

Lenya Golubkov.

A photo: Personal archive

“I’m getting married, I’m getting married, what toys can there be …”, the actor sang Vladimir Permyakov (known as Lenya Golubkov from an advertisement for the Mavrodi pyramid “MMM”). And suddenly he calls: “You wrote about me, I invite you to my wedding.” Jokes are jokes, but today he really, not pretending to lead his chosen one to the registry office. Of course, I knew that the actor has a beloved woman. And Vladimir was the first to tell KP.RU about this. But for some reason I thought that they would not reach the registry office. That’s how!

– We know each other with Volodya for six years. We had a “guest marriage”. Since we decided to be together, we wanted everything humanly: to legitimize the relationship, – Permyakova’s new wife, the actress, told KP.RU Olga Petrova. – They wanted to sign beautifully, on December 30, the day of the centenary of the USSR. We are “originally from the USSR.” We applied in December to be signed on December 30, but we were two days late. No one began to break the rules, laws. We were told that it was necessary to apply for a month, we did not fit in. Well, on the eve of the Old New Year – also nice. On the 13th, we didn’t take the risk … When we were told that now 70 percent of people get married in virtual planes, write to the State Services, register at the MFC, and so on – well, this is their own business. But it doesn’t seem serious to me. I don’t really like all this digitalization, virtuality. And not because I can’t. We are not archaic, we just “come from the USSR”, and I know what a charm it is – live communication. Make friends with families, communicate. I remember my childhood, youth. Often I was in pioneer camps both in summer and in winter. How they threw cones there, all this fun time. It’s great when people communicate live, and not in smartphones. And I offered to go to VDNKh, the most beautiful, restored. And there is the Wedding Palace. This is incredible beauty. We’ll write there! The majority of them register virtually, and we wanted to add to that small percentage, as it were, archaic ones, and ourselves. Well, write at least that in the old fashioned way we decided to sign. Although we are not like the old ones either. Even older people do not chase after us, and those who are younger also open their mouths. Because we are active, energetic, Soviet hardened. Two such creative people. This is my first marriage. He has a third.

– Fourth! – adds Permyakov.

– How’s the fourth?! Wow, I didn’t know that! Actually, I thought it would be his second marriage. In the registry office I found out that the third. Now he tells me the fourth. Vladimir Sergeevich, I’m afraid of you! (laughs). Thank you for your congratulations! Be healthy!

Olga Petrova.  Photo: Personal archive

Olga Petrova. Photo: Personal archive

Vladimir Permyakov, under the symbolic March of Mendelssohn, today at 15 o’clock will put on an uneasy decoration on the ring finger of actress Olga Petrova. “Olya is my old friend. We met on the set of a movie. They met, then broke up for a few years. And I was alone, without a woman. And last year we met and realized that we cannot live without each other. They came to the understanding that it was necessary to legitimize the relationship, as Olya wanted. And I supported her, that’s right, ”says the actor.

With Olga they are together in life and on stage. They created the duet “Greetings from the 90s” and sing hits of that time. The actress likes to introduce herself by her stage name – Olga Munchausen.

Permyakov’s first two wives were in their native Kansk. He says that they did not support his creative impulses, they forced him to go to the construction site. Both of these short marriages are called unsuccessful. He believes that with his third wife, Natasha Remizova, a journalist from a news agency, they were truly happy. Moreover, by the third marriage, he had already gained fame as Lenya Golubkov. Natasha Remizova interviewed him like a celebrity from TV advertising. When, after the collapse of MMM, there were attacks on Permyakov, they say, why did he deceive the people, inviting them to carry money, it was Natasha who reassured and did not let them be disappointed. “Sometimes such despair seized. I was left without money, many turned away, I wanted to lay hands on myself, and then Natasha became my salvation, ”says performer Leni Golubkova. True, he did not plan to marry after two unsuccessful marriages, but the lady of the heart insisted. “We lived with her in a civil marriage for a year, then she calls me and says: “Volodya, today is a year since we met, but nothing has changed. I let you go on all four sides. I told her: “Natalie, but we are friends with you.” She says: “Volodya, they don’t sleep with friends.” And she hung up. I twitched inside. Could not resist, somewhere, probably six months later, he proposed to her. We got married on May 24 in 1996 and lived in an official marriage for almost a year, ”Vladimir told KP.RU. Unfortunately, Natasha fell ill with the flu, pneumonia and edema developed, and she died.

Every time in the most difficult periods of life, according to Permyakov, God sends him a good woman. The last few years, he admits, have been hard. Due to the pandemic and hostilities in Ukraine, there was very little work. “But then Olya appeared, came up with our duet, inspired, and it was like a second wind opened up. They never noticed how they got attached to each other in the work. And now everything is on the rise, we were often called to speak. So on January 13th we will have a performance, right after the wedding. We are happy and making plans for the future.”

Wedding invitation.

Wedding invitation.

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