Lenkom sued the fraudster for 170 million rubles

Investigation and trial went on for a long time

Investigation and trial went on for a long time

A photo: MOSCOW City News Agency

Farid Akhverdiyev, the former director of the Yunost Hotel in Moscow, was found guilty of large-scale fraud. A criminal case (part 4 of article 159 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation) against him was initiated by the Moscow police in July 2016 at the request of the artistic director of Lenkom Mark Zakharov.

The very same story with the “hotel business” of the theater began even earlier.

– “Lenkom” became a co-founder of “Youth” (49% of the shares belonged to the theater and 51% to the hotel) by the decision of Boris Nikolaevich Yeltsin, – the director of the theater Mark Varshaver told us. – After that, the mayor of Moscow, Yuri Luzhkov, gave us this property so that we could earn money. These were difficult or, as they say now, “dashing” 90s. The theaters were in poverty, the salaries of the artists were meager. It was about that part of the proceeds from the hotel business should be transferred to Lenkom.

But the former director of Yunost, Farid Akhverdiyev, without our knowledge, using his official position, forged documents, a seal and sold our shares to a foreign company, and embezzled the money. He did not pay the theater a penny. He told us that no one stays at the hotel, so there is no money. We have endured for a long time. Only six years ago, Mark Zakharov initiated a criminal case against Akhverdiyev.

The investigation and trial went on for a long time. The prosecution demanded eight years in prison for Farid Akhverdiyev. An arrest was made on the debtor’s luxurious apartment in the Ostozhenka district. But he flew to Baku. Hiding there from justice.

In March of this year, the Khamovniki Court found Akhverdiev guilty and ordered to recover from the debtor the amount of damage caused to the theater. For what? Due to the sale of that very elite apartment. Living space – 230 m2 with an underground garage in the so-called Moscow “Golden Mile”.

On December 6, the Main Directorate of the Federal Bailiff Service for the Moscow Region decided to recover more than 170 million rubles from Farid Akhverdiev and transfer the money to Lenkom. An auction for Akhverdiyev’s apartment will be announced soon. Well, the theater will find a use for money.

– 170 million will go to our statutory activities, – says Mark Borisovich. – For new equipment, for new performances, for repairs. These are the so-called extrabudgetary funds.


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