Leggy and spectacular: Lenya Golubkov found a young wife at the age of 70

After many years of dating, the artist Olga Petrova agreed to become the wife of Vladimir Permyakov.  Photo: Personal archive

After many years of dating, the artist Olga Petrova agreed to become the wife of Vladimir Permyakov. Photo: Personal archive

Vladimir Permyakov, popularly known as Lenya Golubkov from the advertising of the infamous MMM pyramid, celebrated his 70th birthday on December 2. We learned from the birthday boy about his life today.

“Slender, long-legged”

“Seventy years is such an anniversary when most of life has been lived,” Vladimir Permyakov told KP. – It’s time to take stock: what did I do? I think that I did little, because the filmmakers did not give me. They were jealous of me, that I became popular by playing Lenya Golubkov. I starred not only in advertising, but also in serials, movies – in the films “Running on the Sunny Side”, “General”, “Plot”. But there is no role that would become more popular than my Leni Golubkov. This trail still haunts me to this day.

– Where are you filming now?

– In small roles. Filmed with Belarusians this summer. There, producer Vyacheslav Pasternak wrote a screenplay with students, and I played a negative character. In the new film “Moscow Gentlemen” directed by Yuri Dedenev, he played the comical role of Zhora, the picture is being prepared for release.

I live modestly. Although they wrote that Lenya Golubkov had real estate in the Canaries and Los Angeles, and I only had one apartment in Moscow, bought with a fee from a book about Lenya Golubkov. Nothing else is real estate. To this day, I ride the subway, like everyone else. Money is sometimes sorely lacking. I have always taken it easy. But I recently got married, which means I need to provide for my family!

Olga Petrova.  Photo: Personal archive

Olga Petrova. Photo: Personal archive

– Married?!

– Yes. My old friend became my wife. She is beautiful, long-legged, spectacular. A little younger than me. Her name is Olya Petrova. But she likes to introduce herself by her stage name – Olga Munchausen: this literary hero is her idol, she really likes him. But I am more! In fact, we have known each other for a long time. They met, then broke up for a few years. And I was alone, without a woman. And not so long ago, they met Olya again and decided to start over, to become husband and wife. It took a long time to come to this decision. Olya is impulsive, she has an explosive character. And I thought it didn’t suit me. But now we got used to it, everything is fine with us now.

– And where did you meet Olga?

– We have long starred in the same pilot film with the director Nadia Platonova. Olya played a business woman, such a cool lady, and I played her bodyguard. There was a working conversation. And then over the years it grew into a personal one.

“Singing Songs of the 90s”

– Did you have a relationship with your mother-in-law?

– Yes. By the way, Olya takes care of both her and me. If I get a sheet or something pricks, she immediately writes me to the doctors and makes sure that I am treated. Worries about me, cares, cares. She says that now she has two children: “You and a mother who is over 70.”

– How do you take care of your wife?

– I used to buy chocolate for her often. Now – more fruit. I cook myself. I cook soup, and cereals, we believe that food should be healthy, low-fat.

– Olga came to live with you or you – in her apartment?

– Where did she get an apartment, what are you ?! Olya has a room in a hostel at the circus. When there is not enough money at all, she has a part-time job – as a technical engineer in a hostel for 7 thousand rubles. She does not shy away from work and is not afraid. Olga is an actress and director. She graduated from the circus school, then at GITIS directing courses. Olga has no children. And I don’t. With children, it would be more difficult – they need to be fed, they need to buy everything, but I am tight with money. But we feel good together with Olya. We perform with her, go to parties.

– Act as whom?

– We created a duet with her “Hello from the 90s!”. They take it with a bang. Olga records some of our songs on video, puts them on the Internet. So to speak, for the sake of promotion. Many still personify me with my character to this day. Once with Olya in Sokolniki they sang “The Bird of Happiness”. And they all looked at me with big eyes and were surprised that Lenya Golubkov himself sang it! I didn’t study vocals specifically, but I love to sing.

– What songs do you perform with her?

– Hits of the 90s. “Two pieces of sausage”, “God, what a man”, “Atas!”. We also sing “Childhood” by Yura Shatunov. By the way, his wife was very worried about Yura, she said, they say, they ruined the guy. Scolded Razin for their conflict.

“I wanted to lay hands on myself”

– How will you celebrate the New Year?

– In the circle of family, friends. With Olga. If there is some work at corporate parties, then we will go to work with her.

– And now there is no work?

– Well, how. There is work, but no money. Here Olya and I performed at the presentation of the clip of the Sheriff group, but we do not take money from friends. In the folk theater “April” I play for a penny: for one performance they pay me a thousand rubles. I also have a pension – somewhere around 20 thousand. Of this, I pay 7-8 thousand rubles for rent.

I’m not used to being poor. In the 90s, I didn’t even have a pension to maintain my pants, in general it was hard. We were paid 200 – 250 dollars for the shooting of the MMM advertisement for a shooting day. And then, when MMM was closed, I was left with nothing. Lack of money, lived from hand to mouth. There was no money for the subway to go to the casting. Borrowed from friends, neighbors, then gave back.

After “MMM” collapsed, so much negativity poured down on me. People behaved aggressively with me, they believed that I was not just calling on depositors. Worried. Often the mood was bad, and depression. There was a period when I wanted to lay hands on myself, I did not see the light ahead. Without work, without money, there were thoughts of committing suicide. Fortunately for me, I came across women who pulled me out. Then – Natasha Remizova, a journalist (later she died of pneumonia). She calmed me down when they set me up. She said: “Volodya, don’t pay attention, Mavrodi’s competitors ordered it.”

– And how were you framed?

– For example, one photojournalist invited me to go fishing. There was an ice-hole where nudists swam: naked men and women. We fished, then the nudists came to swim. The photographer says: “Volodya, give her a hand.” I extended my hand to the woman as she emerged from the water. And he took a picture. And a newspaper came out with this photo and the caption: like, whoever contacts Lenya Golubkov will remain naked. He provoked it all, framed me. I saw how people rode in the subway, looked at it, laughed …

Now God sent Olya to me, she breathed happiness into me. So I’m not discouraged. I live a spiritual life, creativity. I lead a healthy lifestyle, do not abuse, go in for sports. It is important for me that a film is finally shot according to my script – this is my old dream. But I didn’t stop dreaming.

In an MMM advertisement, Lenya Golubkov offered investors exorbitant profits.

In an MMM advertisement, Lenya Golubkov offered investors exorbitant profits.



Stirlitz – Tikhonov said: “The whole world knows him!”

– Few advertising has glorified people as much as me, – says Permyakov. – Many generally believed that I was the same man from the TV and Lenya Golubkov – my real name. In 1994, I became “Person of the Year”, overtaking Pugacheva, Kirkorov and Yeltsin in the ranking! People have always recognized me, but reacted differently. Outcasts, when they saw me, made fun of: “Well, Lenka, did you buy boots for your wife? Let’s go have a drink. I will tell my friends that I drank with Lenya Golubkov himself. He answered: “Actually, I’m not Lenya, my name is Vladimir.” They were surprised: “Why not Lenya?” “Why is Stirlitz called Vyacheslav Tikhonov?” – “Ah, so you are an actor …” By the way, when Vyacheslav Tikhonov, who played Stirlitz, was offered at one evening: they say, let’s go, let’s introduce you to the actor Volodya Permyakov, he looked at me and said: “Why introduce him to him, he’s all the world knows!”

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