Legalized atrocity: Ukrainian military shot a group of Russian prisoners point-blank

Several Ukrainian

Several Ukrainian “zahistnikov” surrounded the entrance to the basement, where our guys were hiding. They were asked to surrender

First, the first video shot from the copter appeared (we do not publish this video for ethical reasons). More than a dozen bloodied fighters lie face down, showing no signs of life. Ukrainian publics on the Internet cheerfully picked up these shots, spreading the “heroic” news on the Web about how Russian positions were “unwound” by mortar shelling. No one was embarrassed that there was not a single machine gun next to the lying bodies in the video. And the blood spilled in puddles in the head area.

And then there were shots from which it is absolutely clear how these people died. Several Ukrainian “zahistnikov” surrounded the entrance to the basement, where our guys were hiding. They were asked to surrender. One after another, they went out into the world without weapons and lay face down. Suddenly shots are fired, the camera goes to the ground… If you watch both videos in reverse order, it becomes clear that the fighters who surrendered were killed in cold blood by shooting at close range. At the same time, the killers did not hide their faces. Two have already been identified – these are the natives of Novovolynsk Artur Bortnichuk and Nazar Mikhailovsky. School friends performed together at the local KVN club – records are still stored on the network. Ordinary schoolchildren are humorous on stage in Russian. And in the Armed Forces of Ukraine they were not in the national battalion, but in the usual personnel department. How did the former KVN officers turn into ruthless killers, devoid of human appearance?

Everything is simple. This is a legalized atrocity that has been practiced in Ukraine in recent years. Underground prisons, torture, rape, extrajudicial executions… All these are episodes of various reports of various Western human rights structures. From Amnesty International to the UN. Have you heard about the high-profile war crimes trials in Ukraine? Maybe Western partners demanded that Kyiv conduct an investigation? Of course not.

Moreover, with the start of the special operation, Ukraine officially released from prison those rare knackers who were convicted of serious crimes. Recall the initial stage of our operation. Killing prisoners on camera, cutting throats, shooting knees. They didn’t hesitate to do it on record. Because they knew that they would get nothing for it. This is a legalized atrocity, practiced at the suggestion of the current Ukrainian authorities and with the bashful silence of the “civilized West”.

Today, the head of the Human Rights Council under the President of Russia, Valery Fadeev, announced that he would send a video of the execution of Russian prisoners of war to 2,000 addresses, including the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, the OSCE, the Council of Europe, Amnesty International, the International Committee of the Red Cross… Do you know, by the way, what the latter did with the video from near Kupyansk, which the HRC also sent for trial? (In those shots, let me remind you, the bodies of those whom “Ukrainian patriots” considered “collaborators” are dumped into the pit.) They were sent to the Kyiv office of the Red Cross. Whether it is worth waiting for an investigation from him is a rhetorical question.

However, the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights assured that they would give their assessment “with all possible attention.” Although personally I have no illusions. But first of all, these illusions should be dispelled by our fighters who are defending our territory with weapons in their hands today. Our enemy has no rules and conventions. He proved it once again. And sooner or later it will play against him. When the pendulum swings the other way, Arthur and Nazar will be remembered in each of the 2,000 addresses to which their home videos were sent.

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