Left without a job, Yulia Baranovskaya cannot pay off her debts

A serious gap was found in the budget of Yulia Baranovskaya

A serious gap was found in the budget of Yulia Baranovskaya

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In recent months Yulia Baranovskaya lost a job on TV: the show “Male / Female” and “Fashionable Sentence” with her participation are temporarily “frozen”. The star herself hopes for the new season: they say that in the fall, entertainment content will return to the screens, and the presenters will finally feel their former stability.

“There will definitely be new releases,” Baranovskaya assured fans back in the spring, but she has not announced the premiere date since then.

Yulia’s social networks are now full of travel, expensive outfits, red carpets … Meanwhile, as the website found out, the protracted vacation brought the TV presenter not only joy. So, in the budget of Baranovskaya, a gap of 285 thousand rubles was discovered: these are several unpaid taxes at once. Moreover, the host has not been able to pay off her debts for several months, and the amounts continue to grow. So, in late March the debt of the talk show star was 39 thousand rubles. However, these are not property taxes – for houses, cars, apartments, etc. Baranovskaya’s debts are payments from income, which means that Yulia still earns decently: apparently, television broadcasts have been replaced by corporate parties.

Meanwhile, in the personal life of the star, too, came a simple one. The affair with one of the richest and most popular singers, Grigory Leps, about which the whole secular party, headed by Ksenia Sobchak, was gossiping, came to an end. They say the musician decided beg for forgiveness for treason with the now ex-wife and gave Baranovskaya a turn from the gate.



Anastasia Volochkova, unlike the TV presenter, extinguishes, and does not accumulate debts. In the spring, her tax arrears amounted to 301 thousand rubles, and now – “only” 106 thousand.

Daughter of the “beautiful nanny” Anna Zavorotnyukwhich does not work anywhere, but actively travels around the world, underpaid the state 81 thousand rubles.

Angelica Varumaccording to, owes the Federal Tax Service 21 thousand rubles – this is income tax.

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