Lawyer: Sobchak faces criminal penalties for concealing Israeli citizenship

The commercial director of Ksenia Sobchak was detained on suspicion of extortion. Sobchak herself immediately left Russia using an Israeli passport. She previously denied having a second citizenship. How serious a violation of the law is such an act, said Dr. Jur. Sciences, Professor, Honored Advocate of Russia Ludmila Aivar.

– Lyudmila Konstantinovna, it is known that Ksenia Sobchak left Russia using an Israeli passport. Now, many accuse her of allegedly not notifying the migration service of her Israeli citizenship. What punishment can be provided for this?

– Having a second citizenship and not notifying the migration service about it is a criminally punishable act. The violator is first brought to administrative responsibility, a fine is issued, but, nevertheless, it is still a criminal liability. Despite the fact that long sentences are not applied under this article, this in any case means a criminal record.

It seems to me that many people knew that Ksenia Anatolyevna received an Israeli passport along with her little son. Therefore, it is her duty to notify:

  • migration services that she has a second passport;
  • banking services in the Russian Federation that she has an appropriate current account.

She had to do all this, since criminal liability is provided for concealing the presence of citizenship or a residence permit (residence permit) of another state.

It seems to me that with the presence of a senator mother, Ksenia Anatolyevna simply could not help doing this, because this, at least, would have affected the status of her mother.

Maybe, of course, she forgot or, in the confusion of all these events, did not have time to inform the migration service. Maybe she doesn’t visit the Russian Federation so often to report it. Maybe she planned, but didn’t. Or maybe she did, we don’t know yet.

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