Lawyer Aleshkin on the actions of Pugacheva against the background of Galkin: Primadonna acts wisely

performer Alla Pugacheva so far has not made any statements regarding the Russian special operation in Ukraine, and this is very wise of her. This opinion was expressed by the lawyer Andrey Aleshkin.

The lawyer believes that too persistent attempts by some people to find out more about someone’s personal life do not lead to anything good and do not deserve respect, giving rise to a lot of rumors.

At the same time, the behavior wife Pugacheva Maxim Galkin the expert does not consider prudent and far-sighted.

“It is always surprising how some people try to find out what is happening in the personal lives of others. Earlier, rumors began to spread that Nikita Presnyakov lives in Pugacheva’s castle. As far as I know, these data are not true. I think that the Prima Donna is acting very wisely without speaking out about the policy of the Russian Federation. I can’t say the same about her wife,” Aleshkin said in an interview with Express Gazeta.

Pugacheva and Galkin left Russia at the very beginning of the special operation in Ukraine, after the humorist’s harsh remarks about Russia’s actions, which continued abroad.

Pugacheva and Galkin rested and treated in Israel for several months, then, according to tradition, they rented a house in Jurmala. Galkin has many concerts planned in the Baltic States and other European countries, as well as in the USA and Australia. At the same time, the Prima Donna assures that she is going to return to Russia by the beginning of the school year, when her children will need to go to school.

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