Law student filed a complaint against Minister Yasmín Esquivel for administrative offenses


On Wednesday the Faculty of Higher Studies (fes) Aragonafter analyzing the thesis of the minister Yasmin Esquivel Mossadetermined that a substantial part of his research paper was copied of the work of Ulises Baez Gutierrez. In other words, it would have incurred in plagiarism.

Derived from the scandal and criticism against him, this Thursday afternoon, a complaint was filed against Minister Yasmín Esquivel before the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation (SCJN) by a citizen.

The complaint was filed and shared by Miguel Alfonso Meza CarmonaLaw student at the Autonomous Technological Institute of Mexico (ITAM) by alleged commission of administrative offenses.

This for failing to preserve dignity and professionalism characteristic of the judicial function in the exercise of its functions, and if unfit for judicial function.

He justified these reasons by alleging that the minister, having plagiarized his thesis, having lied repeatedly when discovered (in communications and before the plenary session of the Highest Court); accusing the victim of having been a victimizer and filing a criminal complaint in which he pointed out that he may have told falsehoods, does not preserve the dignity or professionalism of the position.

In a matter of having lied, he referred to the statements and allegations of the minister in which she said no having plagiarized in his thesis and in the session of January 2 in the Supreme Court in which he declared that the accusations were an “attack on the independence” of those who served as judges.

While the ineptitude indicated by Meza Carmona, would be mentioned in the Organic Law of the Judiciary of the Federation in Article 110 section III as an administrative offense.

In addition to the fact that article 95 of the Constitution establishes that to be a minister, one must enjoy a good reputation, but that if the person was considered for “theft, fraud, forgery, breach of trust and another that seriously damages the good fame In The Public Concept, will disqualify for the position”.

Finally, the student and consultant in litigation affirmed that it was still waiting for the new minister president, Norma Pineapple, resolve the origin of the complaint. He also shared the link to consult the complaint.

(FES Aragon)
(FES Aragon)

“Now we have to wait for the new president of the Supreme Court, Norma Piña, to decide whether to start an investigation into the complaint. I trust that she will solve adhering to our laws and the Constitution ”

Following the FES statement, the General Council of Mexican Lawyers (CGAM) through a statement demanded that Esquivel Mossa resign from his position out of “respect for Mexican society, the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation and the rule of law.”

Likewise, the Senate Plural Group, announced that he will request that an impeachment trial begin against the minister, as announced by the senator German Martinez through a video posted on Twitter.

“Do not lie, student Esquivel, resign and we are going to initiate a political trial and the legislative measures to hold her accountable, this is not going to stay like this, the UNAM deserves respect, the country deserves respect and the Court deserves respect; Ethics would save you, Esquivel student,” she declared.


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