Lavrov spoke at the UN General Assembly: main points

Minister of Foreign Affairs of Russia Sergei Lavrovspeaking at the 77th session of the UN General Assembly, explained Russia’s position on key international issues, dwelling separately on our country’s relations with the collective West and the conflict in Ukraine.

After the speech, Lavrov gave a big press conference.

Russia’s security proposals “arrogantly” rejected by the West

“The ongoing conflict in Ukraine is the result of the West’s inability to negotiate with Russia and solve collective security problems,” Lavrov said, reminding the UN General Assembly participants that “all of Moscow’s repeated attempts to establish rules for coexistence were ignored,” and on the last sentence – in December 2021 – and received an “arrogant refusal” altogether.

Ukraine is a consumable for the USA

“It’s obvious to any unbiased observer: for the Anglo-Saxons, who completely subjugated Europe, Ukraine is just expendable material in the fight against Russia,” Lavrov said.

He elaborated on the issue at a press conference, noting that Moscow already views the United States and its NATO bloc as parties to the ongoing conflict in Ukraine.

“Recently, the Ukrainian military admitted that the Pentagon is choosing goals for striking,” Lavrov explained. “What is this, if not direct participation in the war?”

Referendums in the regions of Ukraine correspond to the wishes of Kyiv

The head of Russian diplomacy also touched upon the topic referenda in the DPR, LPR and Russian-controlled parts of the Zaporozhye and Kherson regions of Ukraine.

“Although the vote has already caused hysteria in Ukraine and the West, and the G7 has promised even more anti-Russian sanctions, the referendums are in fact completely in line with the wishes of Kyiv,” Lavrov suggested. “People living there, in fact, react only to the fact that President Zelensky he himself recommended that they do it back in August 2021. Then he advised everyone who feels Russian to “go to Russia.” This is exactly what the inhabitants of these regions are doing now, taking with them the lands where their ancestors lived for centuries.”

US-proclaimed “exceptionalism” reaches “god-like” level

Lavrov said that after the collapse of the USSR, Washington’s desire for global dominance and exclusivity reached “unprecedented heights, which led to numerous wars of aggression and claimed the lives of many hundreds of thousands of people around the world.”

“By proclaiming victory in the Cold War, Washington has elevated itself almost to the rank of a messenger of God on earth, with no obligations, but only a “sacred” right to act with impunity, as it pleases and anywhere.”

He warned that any nation could become a victim of Washington’s ambitions if it somehow angered the “self-proclaimed masters of the world.” He cited the fate of Yugoslavia, Iraq, Libya and “a number of other countries” as an example.

EU slides into dictatorship

Lavrov believes that the EU, being “enslaved” by the US, shows the same symptoms of exclusivity and arrogance.

As an example, the Russian minister cited the “fresh” remarks of the head of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyenwhich threatened Italy with consequences if right-wing candidates came to power.

“This is arrogance, a sense of impunity, exclusivity. Only they have the right to make judgments. What Ms von der Leyen said about the elections in Italy was amazing,” Lavrov said, adding that he did not recall such threats from the EU leader before .

According to the diplomat, “the EU is becoming an authoritarian, rigid, dictatorial entity.”

The end of the unipolar world is approaching

“Despite all the efforts made by the United States, their dominance era ends, and the unipolar world is collapsing,” Lavrov said, stressing that the future of the world order is being decided now.

The question is whether this order will be with “one hegemon, forcing everyone to live by his notorious rules”, which are beneficial only to him”, or will it be a truly “democratic, just world without blackmail and intimidation of objectionable people, without neo-Nazism and neo-colonialism”.

Moscow, Lavrov recalled, firmly adheres to the second option.

Sergey Lavrov’s speech at the UN Security Council meeting on Ukraine, New York, September 22, 2022

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