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Nobel Committee Chairman Berti Reiss-Andersen announces the award of the Nobel Peace Prize for 2022.

Nobel Committee Chairman Berti Reiss-Andersen announces the award of the Nobel Peace Prize for 2022.

A photo: REUTERS

This year, the Nobel Peace Prize was awarded to an East Slavic trinity: the leader of the Belarusian movement “Viasna” A.V. freedom.

Ideologically, Russian, Belarusian and Ukrainian activists are united, but they belong to different age and gender cohorts. “Viasna” and “Memorial” consist mainly of men of the Gorbachev draft. Whereas the Kyiv hulks are for the most part pannoks of about thirty. Something like the famous FEMEN movement ten years ago, but more moral – boobs are not shown in public.

love pathology

As for the Nobel Prize in Literature, it was not a young woman who received it, but rather a woman of venerable age – French writer Annie Erno 82 years old. The Swedish Academy decided to award her “for the courage and clinical poignancy” of her writings.

The words “clinic” and “clinical” (if we are not talking about medicine) often have a negative connotation, so it is not recommended to use them in a panegyric sense. For example, the phrase “Eugene Onegin” is a clinically sharp encyclopedia of Russian life” is suitable only for a collection of curious quotes from school essays.

Although at the dawn of perestroika, when Posner’s stars, Donahue, rose, one of the participants in the teleconference, speaking about intimate, said: “I pathologically love my husband.” She did not mean anything bad, but the audience indulged in discussions about the mysteries of love pathology.

In general, there are many pathologies in the gender sphere. Colonel-General Kadyrov, criticizing the members of the Moscow and St. Petersburg running society, who ran abroad faster than the fallow deer, “advised men leaving Russia to put on skirts and change their names to women’s.”

Mavra Gelman* and Basya Grebenshchikova, dressed up in dresses with crinoline, would indeed represent a picture of a fair amount of pacifism.

But ours was not given

Of course, there were (especially in Kyiv) those who were dissatisfied with the fact that V. A. Zelensky did not receive the pacifist Nobel, although his “significant contribution to the rallying of peoples, the elimination or reduction in the number of standing armies or the development of peace initiatives” is known to the whole world. But he can be comforted by the peace initiative put forward by the Amsterdam mayor Femke Halsema: “I am convinced that the best result for our society can be achieved through the decriminalization of cocaine.”

Evil tongues, including the highest-ranking ones, stubbornly hint that the unusual and bizarre speeches of V. A. Zelensky are explained precisely by the use of so far criminalized cocaine. Either he really strengthens his spirit in this way, or his opponents, taking as a basis the abusive “cocaine addict from the state of emergency,” gave this expression a Ukrainian flavor, and it turned out “cocaine addict from security” (i.e., from national security. – Ed. ). But in any case, Zelensky will be pleased. When cocaine is decriminalized, no one will dare to make dirty allusions.

This year, the East Slavic Trinity became the winner of the Nobel Peace Prize.

This year, the East Slavic Trinity became the winner of the Nobel Peace Prize.

A photo: Ekaterina MARTINOVICH

So who blew it up?

True, with his last peaceful initiative, which consisted in an attempt to undermine the Crimean bridge (for more details – pp. 6 – 7), some kind of incomprehension turned out. His confidant Mikhailo Podoliaka first boasted of Kyiv’s involvement in the terrorist attack: “Everything illegal must be destroyed,” and a few hours later announced that it was Russia itself that had blown up the bridge span. Since then in Kyiv, Washington, Paris, London etc. there is a deafening silence. In some cases, developing a manual is not so easy. And only the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Estonia, Urmas Reinsalu, managed without pointers lowered from above. “Estonia certainly welcomes this and congratulates the Ukrainian special forces that are behind this operation,” he said.

The once-popular expression “hot Estonian boys”, used to hint at slow-thinking slowness – “comes like a giraffe”, is now clearly outdated. Hot American guys show slow-wittedness, and the head of Estonian diplomacy, on the contrary, demonstrates extreme quick-wittedness and even light-wingedness.

Here the minister was more like the Palestinian patriots who, having received the news of the attack on the World Trade Center in New York, immediately took to the streets of the Palestinian Authority with joyful songs and dances. It seems that the Gaza Strip is far from Toompea, but the spirit of freedom breathes wherever it wants.

*Recognized as foreign agents in Russia.

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