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Latvia suspended the agreement on travel facilitation between residents of the border regions of the republic and Russia. This travel format for Russians living near the border with Latvia has been canceled from Monday, August 1.

This decision was made by the Cabinet of Ministers in Riga on July 14, it is connected with the decision of the Russian authorities to close the Latvian consulate in Pskov, which was the only diplomatic institution in Latvia that issued border permits to Russians. The commission on foreign affairs of the Seimas recommended to the government that the agreement be suspended. The Agreement on Facilitated Travel for Residents of the Border Territories of Latvia and Russia was signed in 2010.

Latvia stopped issuing visas to Russians

Meanwhile, Latvia is one of the EU countries that stopped issuing visas to Russian citizens after the invasion of Ukraine began. Head of the Latvian Ministry of Foreign Affairs Edgar Rinkevich urged the whole EU join to this decision.

At the end of July Estonia adopted a decision prohibiting the provision of temporary residence permits and study visas to Russian citizens. In addition, Tallinn has tightened the conditions for issuing work permits to citizens of Russia and Belarus. Estonian Foreign Minister Urmas Reinsalu explained the introduction of measures by the need for unrelenting pressure on the Russian Federation because of the war in Ukraine, which not only grossly violates the “territorial integrity, sovereignty and independence” of Ukraine, but also threatens the security of Estonia and the EU.

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