Latest news on the situation in and around Ukraine on September 30, 2022: Ukraine’s allies discovered Nazism and abandoned toilet paper

The EU will ban the import of hygiene products from Russia, including toilet paper.

The EU will ban the import of hygiene products from Russia, including toilet paper.

A photo: Julia PYKHALOVA


The United Jewish Community of Ukraine and the Rabbi Nachman Foundation reported that Jews who arrived in the Lviv region are denied service and are not even allowed into the premises of the gas station of the OKKO network. In support of their words, they posted a video in which Hasidic Jews, most of them who came as pilgrims from Israel, are not even allowed into the gas station in the shop.

– This is a violation of the equality of citizens depending on their race, nationality, regional affiliation, religious beliefs, disability and other characteristics. Article 161 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine. Also, these actions are a manifestation of anti-Semitism in accordance with the law “On Preventing and Combating Anti-Semitism in Ukraine,” the joint statement of these organizations says.

They probably got it mixed up, because there can be no Nazism in Ukraine, because the president there is a Jew. Yes, and not simple, but the most influential in the world, according to the latest ranking of The Jerusalem Post. Well, in the end, announcements that Jews and dogs are prohibited from entering are not yet hung up, only there is such a thing about Muscovites. And there is no fascism.


Minister of Defense Urmas Reinsalu came up with such an initiative. According to him, it should be not only when obtaining citizenship of this republic, but also when obtaining and extending residence permits for citizens of the Russian Federation. Such a declaration must necessarily contain a condemnation of the special operation of the RF Armed Forces to denazify Ukraine, and it must also “express an understanding of the history of Estonia and its occupation.”

Striped suits with yellow stars for Russian citizens are likely to be included in the next initiative of Estonian government officials. By the way, when entering Georgia, Russian citizens are already required to sign an agreement that Russia is an occupying and aggressor country in relation to Georgia and to recognize Abkhazia and South Ossetia as territories occupied by Moscow. Refusal to sign such a paper entails a U-turn at the border, and the signing of this declaration may become the basis for criminal prosecution upon return to Russia.


Multiple winners of the Dakar rally, the KAMAZ-master team will not take part in the next races. The organizers demanded that the Russian team sign a special statement condemning the Russian special military operation in Ukraine. but the Russian athletes refused to do so.

– Our choice is obvious – we are always with our Motherland, especially when it is in a difficult situation, – said the team.

Well, in the truck races, by the way, the most popular and spectacular, this time the rally participants will compete for the second and third places. Although formally there will be winners who will stand on the first step of the podium, everyone is well aware that they will take someone else’s place.

In general, after the introduction of anti-Russian sanctions, many international tournaments in various sports turned into provincial brawls without intrigue and struggle. Here is a complete ruin for bookmakers!


The publication Politico reports that the EU has begun a detailed discussion of the next, already the eighth package of sanctions against Russia. True, against whom they will actually play is another question again. Because it has become known from informed sources that the EU plans to ban imports from Russia of oral hygiene products, makeup and shaving products, as well as soap and, attention, toilet paper as part of this package of anti-Russian sanctions. How this will affect the appearance and flavors of the inhabitants of the European Union, one can only guess, since a number of large European manufacturers of toilet paper have stopped their production or have sharply reduced their output.

Washing by the minute, food is becoming more expensive, instead of a shower, a wet cold cloth, and now they will also have nothing to wipe their asses with. And this is exactly Europe and the 21st century?


Defense Minister of the Technical Government of Bulgaria Dimitar Stoyanov said that Sofia did not intend to supply Kyiv with heavy weapons.

– The Ambassador of Ukraine asked us for heavy weapons. My answer was clear: there is a decision of the Parliament on the provision of military-technical assistance, but not on the provision of weapons, – the minister said and printed it on the air of the Bulgarian National Television. – As long as I am a minister, weapons will not be provided to Ukraine.

Kyiv must urgently send Melnik as ambassador to Sofia, since the Germans will be able to breathe a sigh of relief the other day after leaving Berlin for this odious boor.


The Ministry of Defense of Poland announced the recruitment to the army throughout the country. To apply for admission, you will need an identity document, proof of education. It is planned that this will be training of reservists, which will be held on Saturdays. The project in Warsaw has already been called “Train with the Army”. As its goals, it is declared to teach the Poles the basics of handling weapons, actions in defense and a general “strengthening of a sense of security.” During the training, a salary will even be paid, which will amount to PLN 4,560.

In Estonia, they have recently significantly increased the combat effectiveness of their army and were able to attract 3,500 people from among the reservists to the exercises.


The federal government of Germany, which, as Foreign Minister Annalena Burbock said, affairs in Ukraine are much more important than the problems of the Germans, was able to achieve the most significant record with the prefix anti-.

As a result of September, inflation in annual terms rose to a record high over the past 70 years – 10.8%. The last time such indicators were recorded back in the distant post-war 1951. This breakthrough came as a real surprise to German experts, who expected not double-digit inflation by the end of August, believing that it would amount to 9.4%.

The largest contribution to the growth of general inflation was made by a jump in energy prices (43.9%) and a sharp increase in food prices (18.7%).

Isn’t it, dick Scholz, this is really funny?


Psychics in Ukraine go out of fashion. And no wonder – retrograde Mercury and positive Jupiter cannot provide the wins that they always promise. And the city hall of Lviv came up with a new move. Now the local cat Levchik has become the main adviser of the Lviv mayor’s office. Who, for example, recently gave wise advice to local residents in preparing for the coming winter.

Smart cat, sorry, of course, the whale advised the following:

1. Stock up on firewood.

2. Buy electric heaters.

3. Seal the windows.

4. Make a supply of food and water.

5. Buy a power bank and flashlights.

6. Save now electricity, water and gas.

7. Prepare warm clothes

Such a smart cat to Ukrainians, but instead of Zelensky, they would now roll in oil. True, for a start it would have to be renamed from a whale back to a cat. Because the cat will not advise bad, but from the whale – bribes are smooth.


– Ursula von der Leyen said that the European Commission proposed to ban EU citizens from being members of the governing bodies of Russian state-owned companies. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for this. Now our Boards of Directors will become independent from the West.

– German Chancellor Olaf Scholz does not know whether Putin will use nuclear weapons, but he threatens with his finger: “Like US President Joe Biden, I want to say very clearly to Russia: don’t try it.” In general, I hardly remember when Biden said at least something clearly.

– In a joint investigation by Zeit and ARD Kontraste magazine, it was recognized that the German special services provide Kyiv with intelligence on the movement of Russian troops, as well as satellite images, intercepted radio and telephone messages.

– In Turkey, protests began in the tourism business due to the refusal of Turkish banks to work with Mir cards. According to melon experts, companies operating in the tourism sector have already estimated losses at an average of 80%.

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