Latest news on the situation in and around Ukraine on December 25, 2022: Odessa refused to rename streets, and Zelensky’s associates ask for missile strikes on Iran

Mayor of Kyiv Vitaly "Chrysostom" Klitschko told the citizens that the work of all ground electric transport was stopped in the capital of Ukraine.

The mayor of Kyiv, Vitaliy “Zlatoust” Klitschko, told the citizens that the work of all ground electric transport was stopped in the capital of Ukraine.



Kyiv Mayor Vitaly “Zlatoust” Klitschko told the townspeople that the work of all ground electric transport was stopped in the capital of Ukraine.

“Due to the shortage of electricity, we decided to stop the operation of the ground electric transport of the capital,” he wrote on Telegram and clarified that we are talking about trams and trolleybuses.

Now, only buses and fixed-route taxis will run on all ground electric transport routes, most of which are controlled by companies of Vitali Klitschko himself and members of his team. The variant of Ukrainian invention, when a tractor pulled a tram along the rails, apparently turned out to be ineffective. It remains to wait until regular horse-drawn cargo and passenger transport, for example, the horse-drawn carriage, which was widely used in the 19th century, and draft cabs on trotters, will go along Khreshchatyk.


According to Alexander Babich, a member of the historical and toponymic commission of the Odessa City Council, Odessa abandoned the idea of ​​renaming streets in honor of Ukrainian military and individual military units killed in battles with the Russian army.

– We understand that the number of dead will continue to grow and each of them deserves their part of our memory. If now we start naming streets after them, then next year dozens, maybe hundreds of such names may appear in the city. Because we will not be able to refuse a single mother, not a single brother, if they write us a corresponding appeal, – Babich said. Instead, they plan to create one large monument in Odessa with the names of each deceased military, volunteer, medic, rescuer, policeman, guardsman and the names of all the units that defended the south of Ukraine.

A very practical approach. Given the pace of graves of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, on all the “heroes-zahisniks of Ukraine” on the streets, not only in Odessa or Kyiv. And throughout the country you will not get enough.


The Wall Street Journal pessimistically assessed the prospects of Europe to increase the production of ammunition after that. how their significant stocks were delivered to Ukraine. The WSJ, citing its sources in government circles and the defense industry, said that the process is facing serious difficulties. In particular, it is hampered by a lack of production capacity, legal restrictions, a shortage of specialized workers, bottlenecks in supply chains, the high cost of financing this industry, and even environmental regulations. Even if hostilities stop overnight, some munitions manufacturers estimate it could take up to 15 years for Europe to replenish its stocks at current production rates.

Another proof that money can make up for a lot, but is powerless against time.

Ukrorefugees live in Latvia amid mold and slime

In Latvia, migrants from Russia, Belarus and Ukraine settled in the Mucenieki refugee center. The latter are extremely dissatisfied with living conditions and even write complaints that they live in inadequate conditions, among mold, mucus and other unsanitary conditions. As some families say, their children’s health has already begun to deteriorate, but the center’s management, according to them, does not respond to their appeals and complaints.

However, the director of the center once condescended to the residents and popularly explained that the dissatisfied can go anywhere if they don’t like something. But refugees declare that they cannot leave Latvia.

However, in Ukraine now they are clearly in a number of cities will have even worse.


Mikhail Podolyak, adviser to the head of the Office of the President of Ukraine, once again voiced his dreams of a war with Iran to punish him for “cooperating with Russia.”

According to a Ukrainian official, Iran allegedly intends to increase the supply of “missiles and drones to Russia,” and in doing so, it “humiliates the institution of international sanctions.”

“It is important to abandon the non-working sanctions, the invalid concept of UN resolutions and move on to more destructive tools — the destruction of factories, the arrest of suppliers,” said Podolyak, who previously also called for the destruction of Iranian enterprises that produce ballistic missiles and unmanned strike vehicles. True, each time he did not specify who should fight with Iran in order to solve the tasks set by him.

Recall that earlier Iranian Defense Minister Reza Ashtiani explained that the representatives of Kyiv at the meeting of experts did not provide Tehran with documents that would confirm the use of Iranian drones by Russia, and the representative of the Iranian Foreign Ministry, Nasser Kanani, urged Kyiv not to test Tehran’s patience with unfounded statements.

Misha, of course, is a rare moral monster, but there must be some limit to everything. How could he be included in the delegation for negotiations with Russia. Or are they all there?


Internet providers operating in Ukraine have announced an increase in tariffs for their services. So, for example, a number of city providers in Odessa announced that from January 1 they are raising the subscription fee for home Internet, and quite significantly. The minimum package, which now costs 185 hryvnia per month from one of the providers, will cost 259 hryvnia from January 1. A similar increase in prices was recorded for other providers. The increase in the cost of the company’s services is explained not only by general inflation, but also by the increase in the cost of equipment for uninterrupted operation and the need to use generators, which also require fuel to operate.

By the way, the quality of the Internet in Ukraine has deteriorated predictably in recent weeks, since generators cannot cope with the equipment of either mobile communication companies or Internet providers.


In Ukraine, as the First Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs of the country Yevgeny Enin said on the air of the All-Ukrainian telethon, the number of carbon monoxide poisonings has increased significantly.

– In November, about 370 cases of carbon monoxide poisoning were recorded. Literally in the first week of December, there were already about 100 such cases,” he said. According to the deputy head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, the largest number of poisonings was registered in Lvov, Kyiv and Dnepropetrovsk regions. That is, where the urban infrastructure is most developed, and local residents often have no idea how to heat the stove, they do not have enough knowledge to properly install and remove the chimney, etc. Due to the improper use of alternative means of heating, according to Enin, explosions and fires began to occur much more often when heating houses.


– The Republic of Moldova, according to the press service of the Moldovan government, has agreed to buy firewood from Romania in order to “ensure the energy security of the country.” True, they are unlikely to be cheaper than Russian gas.

– Vitali Klitschko said that they managed to stabilize the water and heat supply of residential buildings in Kyiv. Except, of course, in those cases where the operation of boiler houses depends on the availability of electricity.

– Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine Oleksiy Danilov said that sooner or later Moldova will enter the war with Russia on the side of Ukraine. If this is true, and Sandu finally “moved like a cuckoo”, then for Moldova itself, the better, the later it decides to do so.

– The harvest of grain crops (together with oilseeds) this year in Ukraine has decreased by more than 40 percent. In the next it will decrease by about half of the current 65 million tons.

– The captain of the NHL club “Washington Capitals” brilliant forward Alexander Ovechkin scored his 802nd career NHL goal without looking behind his back, surpassed Gordie Howe in the rating of goalscorers, and now he has only one as yet unconquered peak ahead of him – a record the great Wayne Gretzky. The question is, what does Ukraine have to do with it? Absolutely nothing, we are just pleased with this news.


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