Latest news about the situation in and around Ukraine on September 25, 2022: Europe – electricity, Ukrainians – firewood

"Ukraine would like to close the topic of the referendum.  But reality is more cruel"- said Zelensky's adviser Mikhail Podolyak.

“Ukraine would like to close the topic of the referendum. But the reality is more cruel,” Zelensky’s adviser Mykhailo Podolyak said.

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Two multidirectional processes are now taking place simultaneously in Ukraine. The country’s authorities promised to sell electricity to Europe and intend to keep their promise. As Minister of Energy of Ukraine German Galushchenko noted during a meeting with Executive Director of the International Energy Agency Fatih Birol, the export of Ukrainian electricity will allow the EU states to replace 5-6 billion cubic meters of Russian gas.

Of course, it could be useful in Ukraine itself for heating the same population in the coming winter. But the priorities of power in Kyiv are what they are. As for its own Ukrainian population, the government will also take care of it. The State Forest Resources Agency of Ukraine has simplified the procedure for the purchase of firewood by the population. You can buy them by contacting the forestry directly, and by the spring they promise to complete the work on the creation of the state online store Drova.

Well, in the spring you can no longer rush too much, but postpone it until autumn.


The Wall Street Journal reported that the armament supplied to Kyiv by the West, which had fallen into disrepair, had to be repaired in Ukraine. And often this repair takes place remotely. Local specialists do not have the proper qualifications, and they are assisted by specialists from abroad via specially protected messengers.

So, for example, in Poland there is at least a group of 55 such specialists from the United States who coordinate literally every movement and use of tools in specially created chats with Ukrainian repairmen. The renovation is progressing slowly but effectively.

And it is right. It is clearly not worth rushing to repair American howitzers or MLRS.


Adviser to the head of the Office of the President of Ukraine Mykhailo Podoliak admitted that his previous optimistic forecasts for the end of hostilities this year were too inaccurate.

– We would like to close this topic, and not only the referendum, but in general the issue of occupation by the Russian Federation and the complete liberation of our territories. But reality is crueler, and that’s life. You have to understand that I want to emphasize that Russia has large reserves of manpower, and now mobilization has been announced,” Podolyak said and noted that it was almost impossible to defeat Russia and end the war before the end of this year.

Podolyak not only made a mistake, he also made a mistake with the opposite sign. Military operations will not end with the victory of Ukraine either this year, or next, or, in general, in any year. But the victory of Russia will inevitably end. True, and here it is clearly not worth rushing, it is better to save people. Here is such a worthless Vanga from the adviser to the head of the Office of the President of Ukraine.


The head of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, quite brazenly interfered in the Italian early elections, which are held after the resignation of the government. She is not satisfied with the population of Italy, which can make the “wrong choice”, since the population is more sympathetic to the right-wing parties, calling to turn away from Ukraine and look at the problems of their country.

– We will see the results of the vote in Italy. If things go in a difficult direction, we have the tools, as in the case of Poland and Hungary, she said, thereby threatening to deprive Italy in the event of a “wrong step” of funding, as the European Commission is now doing in Poland and Hungary.

The Italians, of course, were extremely outraged by such arrogance of the head of the European Commission and advised Ursula to return to her previous job in vocational education – a gynecologist. However, if she was the same gynecologist as she became a politician, then, probably, it’s better not to.


Everyone remembers the advice that the German ministers gave to the population on saving the use of a shower, wiping four places on the body instead of a shower with a wet rag? These were still flowers, but here are some berries from Estonia. In Estonia, they do not have much hope for the supply of electricity in the coming winter. That is why they took care of how to go to the toilet in conditions when, due to problems with electricity, the sewage system stops working.

– If the need calls, then there is a solution. Take a pre-purchased large trash bag, install it on the toilet under the toilet seat. If you have a cat at home, you can put cat litter in the bag. After that, you put your things in a bag and seal it with electrical tape, – Mikko Virkala, an expert of the Rescue Board, told the population on the air of the National Broadcasting Company ERR. Moreover, they even mounted a video there, in which they clearly showed all the manipulations with the bag and the toilet.

No, you know, environmental protection. No one would think how many centuries this package will decompose after such use!


The influential publication Politico reported that Belgium continues to lobby for the exclusion of Russian diamonds from EU sanctions. They were not in the previous packages of sanctions, most likely, they will not be in the new one, which is already being prepared.

According to other sources, the European Union is soon ready to quietly lift the sanctions that were imposed on Russia regarding the supply of coal and Russian timber.

And this winter has not yet begun, and when the frost hits, we can expect even more radical steps to retreat from the sanctions. Moreover, voices are being heard more and more loudly in Europe that the United States came up with sanctions to ruin competitors from Europe, and not to punish Russia.

And in this situation, one should also think about whether they should sell all this?


– President (for now) of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky does not attach any importance to the referendums and partial mobilization in the Russian Federation now taking place in the LDNR and in the territories of the Zaporozhye and Kherson regions, that for the second day in a row he makes video messages in Russian and calls on the Russians “to sabotage the mobilization in order to not to die in Ukraine”.

– The head of the European Council, Charles Michel, called for Russia to be excluded from the UN Security Council. According to him, membership in the Security Council should be automatically suspended if the country “starts an unprovoked and unjustified war.” As is regularly done, for example, in the USA.

– According to the official Telegram channel of the SBU, this special service of Ukraine is now investigating over 1,600 cases related to collaborationism, and 420 people in these cases are already awaiting a court verdict.

– The Verkhovna Rada agreed on a draft law on granting Ukrainian citizenship. It will be provided to those who sign an obligation to pass exams on knowledge of the Constitution of Ukraine, the history of Ukraine and the Ukrainian language within 2 years. Failure to fulfill the obligation will entail the loss of Ukrainian citizenship. And they are optimists – it’s me about the timing.

– A petition to the President of Ukraine on the introduction of vegetarian and vegan dry rations for the Armed Forces of Ukraine gained more than 25,000 votes. Now Zelensky is obliged to consider it. This is now the most important problem of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

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