Latest news about the situation in and around Ukraine on October 1, 2022: four new regions became part of Russia, the West refused to consider Kyiv’s application for urgent entry into NATO

Zelensky said he had signed an application for an accelerated entry of Ukraine into NATO.  But the West pulled him down

Zelensky said he had signed an application for an accelerated entry of Ukraine into NATO. But the West pulled him down

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After the signing ceremony for the accession DPR, LPR, Zaporozhye and Kherson regions to Russia from Kyiv was followed by immediate reactions. Ukrainian President (so far) Volodymyr Zelensky has said that immediately signed an application for an accelerated entry of Ukraine into NATO. But in response to him, to put it mildly, they moved his lips. First, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said that any democratic country has the right to join NATO. And Ukraine too. But this requires the consent of all 30 member countries, and therefore now there is no talk of joining NATO. Then the same rhetoric was repeated by US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken and US President Joseph Biden.

“Now is not the best time to discuss the possibility of Ukraine joining NATO,” said US National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan. Four times in a row on the lips.

In general, the remarks of all of the above and many of the people who joined them can be reduced to a short formula: “They tell you to come tomorrow, but you come every time today.”


US Republican senators have introduced a bill to limit the price ceiling for Russian oil, despite the fact that Forbes magazine unequivocally warned everyone that such an initiative would be a nail in the coffin of the Western economy. According to the publication’s experts, sanctions in this sector do not bode well for the architects of this policy, as it is full of flaws, and politicians do not understand the mechanisms of energy markets.

According to the magazine’s experts, as a result of such a policy, the Russian Federation will retain high revenues from the sale of energy carriers, and the world economy will be punished. And, in general, the Biden administration and European officials, in their opinion, showed complete incompetence in the context of the energy crisis.

As for the European officials, it was rightly noted, but with regard to the Biden administration, one should not underestimate it. If Washington sleeps and sees how to ruin the European economy, then this is the surest and most correct way. By the way, the best true attitude to Europe was expressed by the same Anthony Blinken, who explained that the current situation in Europe is an opportunity to put an end to the “region’s dependence” on Russia’s energy resources once and for all. Part of the world for this pompous American Jew is just a region, unlike the great (in his eyes) dusty Idaho or Godforsaken Vermont.


Former German Chancellor Angela Merkel unexpectedly criticized the current policy of the European Union, which seeks to abandon all relations with Russia. While issuing yet another round of criticism of Moscow (which is now a mandatory attribute in Europe), she nevertheless stated that Europe needs to continue working on a “pan-European security architecture” with Russia’s participation, “even if it requires a lot of patience.”

“We must work on a common European security architecture with the participation of Russia within the framework of the principles of international law,” Merkel said, explaining that with a different approach, the Cold War in Europe will never end.

And Frau ex-Chancellor complained that the well-being of German citizens has deteriorated significantly after February 24th. Here, of course, one could call to account “offended liver sausage and ask in the tone of Ludwig Aristarkhovich: “Who did this, eh, Olaf?” But Olaf prudently fell ill with the coronavirus and went into self-isolation.

Still, Europe lacks Angela, the wrong caliber of the laughing “sausage” Scholz.


Referendums and reunification of 4 former regions of Ukraine with Russia provoked unanimous condemnation in the West. However, we did not expect a different outcome. But if some, like French President Emmanuel Macron, simply condemned (in vain, Makronushka, he could have bowed to Putin, even Zelensky – after all, now France has become the largest country located in Europe, and just yesterday this place was occupied by Ukraine) , others have enriched the international dictionary of diplomatic terms.

– Russian annexation is illegal, – said the head of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen. The same words were noted at the press conference by NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg. That is, from now on, annexations are divided into “legal” and “illegal”. Probably, the latter can also be called illegitimate. Similar definitions seem to apply to the concept of “aggression”. The classification is simple – if it is carried out by the West, the USA and other NATO countries, then everything is in order, it is legal and legally legitimate, because it is democratic. In other cases, any actions become “trampling on democracy.”


An embarrassment for Kyiv ended with a vote in the German parliament on the issue of increasing military support for Ukraine and organizing the supply of modern battle tanks. The CDU/CSU faction insisted on an “immediate and significant intensification of military supplies in terms of quantity and quality of weapons.” Moreover, the authors of the initiative proposed to take weapons directly from the army stocks of the Bundleswehr.

But in the end, only 179 deputies voted for this resolution, but there were several times more opponents of the initiative in the Bundestag – as many as 476 parliamentarians. And only one deputy abstained during the voting, having not decided who to stick to – the smart or the beautiful.

Did it get colder in Berlin, or did they stop heating the Bundestag, since they began to act and make decisions sensibly?


Extraordinary sanity for him was demonstrated by the adviser to the head of the President’s Office, Mykhailo Podoliak, who usually casts some kind of magic spells about the imminent coming “overcome”. Commenting on the application filed by Zelensky for urgent entry into NATO, Podolyak noted that it has no practical significance now and NATO will not participate in hostilities on the side of Ukraine, since the conflict “will end before Ukraine goes through all the necessary procedures for joining the Alliance.”

It is clear that Podolyak tried to set everyone up to “overcome”, but it turned out how it happened. It can be said that he simply succeeded in his visionary forecast. Only to the other side.


“Ukraine will not hold any negotiations with Russia as long as Putin remains the president of Russia,” Zelensky said. For this, Vladimir Aleksandrovich, I thank you most sincerely. No one could justify the need for Putin to run for a new presidential term and at the same time campaign so effectively for him.

– The defeat of the United States turned into an attempt to adopt a resolution on the UN Security Council condemning the referendums held in the territories of 4 former regions. Russia (a permanent member of the Security Council) vetoed it, and 4 more states (PRC is also a permanent member of the Security Council and three temporary ones – India, Brazil and Gabon) abstained from voting.

– A rally-concert “People’s Choice. Together Forever” was held on Red Square in Moscow, in which more than 180 thousand people took part.

– Member of the European Parliament from the Czech Republic Tomasz Zdechovsky put forward the idea of ​​dividing the Kaliningrad region between Poland and the Czech Republic and even held a mini-referendum on this issue on his Twitter account. Apparently, he forgot that Czechoslovakia had already been divided, and the fingers of one hand may not be enough to calculate the number of partitions of Poland.

– IOC President Thomas Bach said that the International Olympic Committee may allow Russian athletes who do not support the special operation in Ukraine to compete. The MOC, in general, would cover its face, to put it mildly, with a rag and not get into politics from sports, otherwise you could hit the head with an oar. After men’s rhythmic gymnastics and transgender teams, it seems that there is simply nothing to talk about with this organization.

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