Latest news about the situation in and around Ukraine on December 11, 2022: In Germany, refugees are settled in containers, and in the Czech Republic they are evicted in cabins

Zelensky continues "clean up" objectionable mayors of Ukrainian cities.

Zelensky continues to “clean up” objectionable mayors of Ukrainian cities.

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Recently, the mayor of Chernihiv, Vladislav Atroshenko, was removed from his post by a court decision. The peculiarities of the administrative structure of Ukraine are such that the governors in Ukraine are appointed by the president, and the mayors of cities are elected in popular elections. It was no secret to anyone that the Office of the President of Ukraine was behind Atroshenko’s resignation. And the Ukrainian mayors decided to show that they also have their own opinion. The Association of Ukrainian Cities, headed by the mayor of the Ukrainian capital Vitaliy “Zlatoust” Klitschko, condemned the removal of Vladislav Atroshenko from the post of mayor of Chernihiv. In its resolution on this issue, the Association recalled that the mayor of Chernihiv was elected by 77.49% of the population. However, this did not affect the decision of the court. Moreover, the text of the court decision explicitly states that although the maximum administrative penalty in the form of a fine is due for the violation committed by Atroshenko, the judge chose such a severe punishment in order to influence other officials holding similar positions.

Ukrainian experts predict that Zelensky will not stop there, but will continue to “clean up” the political space: “Then they will clean up Klitschko and all mayors, they will clean up all parties, leaving only “tame” ones. Anyone who criticizes the authorities will immediately be arrested, attributing them work for the Kremlin, finding weapons and various vulgar videos from them. It is very easy to plant it, and the society will believe in any nonsense.”

And back in 2014, Vitaly warned everyone about the need to “prepare for the earth” and that “not only everyone can look into tomorrow.”


A dramatic story happened in Ternopil, where the head of the family from among the “warriors of light” arrived home after a shell shock. Before he had time to properly recover, he had already slaughtered his wife and two of his own young children, who were found inside their house in pools of their own blood.

As it turned out, the uncontrollable rage of the “hero” was caused by an inflatable trampoline recently bought for children. And not even the trampoline itself or the fact of spending money on its purchase, but the colors, made in blue and white with slight splashes of dark red.

The “Zakhisnik of Ukraine” saw the colors of the Russian flag in the trampoline and eliminated the separatists, inflicting dozens of stab wounds on each of the victims.

In fact, they are supposed to be kept in mental hospitals for years, but in Ukraine they are sent to the trenches.


A peaceful Ukrainian tractor died a heroic death like its Polish counterpart, becoming a victim of “Russian aggression.” This time, Ukrainian agricultural machinery was destroyed not by some kind of missile or even by Ukrainian air defense, but by its own Ukrainian mine.

Last night, two civilians on a peaceful tractor went to work until dawn in a nearby forest in the Rivne region near the border with neighboring Belarus. But this intention ended very sadly – the tractor ran over a mine. This is where it all ended.

And what did they do at night in the forest. Maybe they were Russian saboteurs in disguise. Leave the poetic nonsense, everything is much simpler – the locals are sitting without work, and therefore at night, so as not to be caught, they go to illegal logging.


State Minister of the German Foreign Ministry Tobias Lindner (not to be confused with Foreign Minister Frau Berbock) said in an interview with Voice of America that Germany does not have free Patriot anti-aircraft missile systems (SAM) in warehouses that could be transferred to Ukraine.

– To be very frank, it’s not like we have free Patriot systems just in stock, which we could send, for example, to Ukraine. The Patriot systems we send are part of NATO’s collective defense system. Two days ago, we agreed with Poland that we would send a military group there to study the location for the deployment of the Patriot system. We are committed to protecting the security of Poland, therefore we propose to deploy Patriot systems on the eastern flank of NATO, Herr Lindner explained the situation a little confusedly. So Patriot Kyiv can not wait.

But there is also good news. Germany does not have air defense systems, but there are extra blankets. In the amount of as many as 36.5 thousand pieces. For a long time they warmed the soldiers of the Bundeswehr, but “aged” their resource and were subject to decommissioning. At first they wanted to sell them at an auction, but those who wanted to buy did not go in massive jambs. Then they wanted to be scrapped or turned into rags. But then someone smart remembered a much-needed European superpower.

And what? Having looked at what battles take place in Ukraine at the morning opening of second-hand stores in the battle for worn underpants, second-hand blankets against this background are still very ice.


From January 1, tariffs will increase by 107% in Ukraine for electricity for business. Such a decision was planned to be taken by the government of the Independent. Moreover, the rise in price will affect not only electricity, but also all other tariffs. Somewhere it will be a little less, somewhere more, but in general, the rise in price will be the same 107%, that is, a little more than 2 times. And this is after officials and experts unanimously declare that it will take 2-3 years to fully restore Ukraine’s energy sector. And this is provided that Russia will no longer launch new missile strikes on energy infrastructure facilities.

The Ukrainian energy paradox is that there is no electricity, and you will have to pay twice as much for it.


“Polish Radio” reported that the next round of negotiations between the ambassadors of the EU countries on the introduction of the ninth package of anti-Russian sanctions did not end in success. Polish Ambassador to the EU Andrzej Sadosz noted that negotiations on new sanctions have stalled because many countries have formed too long a list of exemptions from sanctions, not for the sake of European solidarity, but for exclusivity in their own selfish interests. The next meeting of ambassadors on this issue is scheduled for Monday, December 12.

As the Israeli singer Alla Pugacheva sang now, but not yet very popular in this country, “if you suffer for a long time, something will work out.” You are there, most importantly, do not disperse guys.


Local authorities in Hamburg (Germany) decided to settle Ukrainian refugees in comfortable containers. About 20,000 refugees from Ukraine now need a place to live in the city. Vans on wheels are equipped with a stove, a bathroom, and, despite their modest size (6 m x 2.5 m), according to calculations, they can accommodate from 4 to 6 people overnight. There is only one inconvenience for Ukrainians – the sleeping places in the container are decorated on the outside with the letters Z (the German word for room begins with this letter – das Zimmer). But Ukrainians, you know, see a completely different symbolism in this letter.

But in the Czech Republic, at one of the ski resorts, the speaker of the lower house of the Czech parliament, Pani Marketa Pekarova, took care of the problem of Ukrainian refugees living in a resort boarding house, who demanded to evict the Ukrainians, because the season is starting, and the resort is intended primarily for parliamentarians.

At the same time, Ukrainians were allowed to stay at this resort, but move to technical cabins. Which have a very significant drawback, especially in the conditions of a ski resort in winter – they are not heated.


– In Ukraine, Privatbank advertising is gaining popularity on the Web, offering an “original” bonus: “When you apply for a credit card, firewood for a week as a gift.”

– Morocco will become the first African country to provide military assistance to Ukraine. Armed Forces of Ukraine will receive spare parts for T-72 tanks. Recall that not so long ago, Zelensky fired the Ukrainian ambassador to Morocco for passivity in his work.

– According to First Deputy Minister of Economy Denis Kudin, in November 2022, Ukraine’s GDP may decrease by 41% compared to November 2021.

– In Boryspil, a local resident who came to the “Indestructibility/Indestructibility Point” froze to death, who was not allowed to warm himself because of the “bad smell” that accompanied him.

– The Department of Life Support Systems and Energy Efficiency of the Odessa City Administration reported that there would most likely be no electricity in Odessa for 2-3 months. Odessans are offered to move to other regions.


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