Latest news about the situation around Ukraine on September 28, 2022: Donbass chose Russia in referendums, Kazakhstan called the condition for the extradition of evaders from mobilization

The authorities of Kazakhstan will extradite Russia at the request of those wanted for evading the mobilization of citizens.

The authorities of Kazakhstan will extradite Russia at the request of those wanted for evading the mobilization of citizens.

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On September 27, the five-day voting on referendums in the DPR, LPR, Kherson and Zaporozhye regions. By nightfall, the results of the count of 100% of the votes in all territories became known.

In the LPR, 98.42% of those who voted voted for joining Russia. In the Kherson region, 87.05% of the referendum participants expressed their support. In the DPR, 99.23% of voters voted for joining Russia, and in the Zaporozhye region, 93.11% voted for it.


The head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Kazakhstan, Marat Akhmetzhanov, said that the authorities would extradite to Russia at the request of those wanted for evading the mobilization of citizens if they were put on the wanted list by Moscow.

– We have contractual relations with Russia on the provision of legal assistance, on the exchange of convicts and on the extradition of criminals. The most important principle here – both in our country and in Russia – was a criminally punishable act. In addition, if … he is put on the wanted list, we will identify and extradite these persons in the order of extradition to Russia, – said the Minister of Internal Affairs of Kazakhstan.

This is probably why most of these Russian citizens who crossed the border with Kazakhstan prefer not to stay in the republic, but to transit through it to other countries in the region.

Orban accuses the head of the European Commission of insulting people

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban did not disregard the statement of the former gynecologist Ursula von der Leyen, who now heads the European Commission, dismissively threw in response to complaints about the increased bills for the population of the French MEP Manon Aubry, a proposal to send these bills to Moscow to Putin. This remark by Ursula Orban deeply outraged.

– There are more and more angry people in Europe. The bureaucrats in Brussels must understand that they cannot skimp on the fate of entire national economies and millions of people. This is irresponsible! And answering high electricity bills to send them to Moscow is insulting and insulting, – the Hungarian prime minister expressed his indignation and hinted at the future of von der Leyen herself. – It is not surprising that angry and feeling cheated people, one by one, change governments of countries that support sanctions.

Orban also noted that more than 11,000 sanctions were imposed against Russia, but they did not achieve their planned goals.

Victor, you are a little mistaken. There were 11,000 sanctions last month, and now there are more than 21,000 of them. But, as you said, it does not change the essence.


Member of the Bundestag of Germany, member of the committee on energy and climate protection Steffen Cotre severely criticized Federal Chancellor Olaf Scholz, giving a devastating assessment of the Middle East tour of the latter, which took place the other day.

– More than propaganda messages, it was not worth expecting from this trip. Qatar has already explained that LNG supplies can be expected, at best, in years. In addition, other countries have concluded long-term contracts with them. Germany’s desire to diversify gas supplies is good, but now we can state that the sanctions policy against Russia has reached a dead end, Kotre stated, noting that Scholz managed to agree on only one tanker with LNG for Germany, and then next year .

What about Scholz? But nothing. He is in self-isolation due to the coronavirus and is busy with completely different gases.


The referendums held in the LDNR and Zaporozhye and Kherson regions seem to have breathed a second life into separatist sentiments in Europe. The head of Catalonia, Pere Aragones, announced his intention to hold a new referendum on independence from Spain in the near future.

– I am making an inclusive proposal because it is addressed to all democrats, whether they are in favor of the independence of Catalonia or not. And a proposal that meets international requirements. Even if some don’t like it, the reality is that today the vast majority of Catalans want to decide the future of the country by voting in a referendum, Aragones said.

Recall that in 2017 such a referendum was already held there, and 90.18% of those who came to vote voted for the independence of the region. But due to the fact that the turnout was only 43% of the total number of voters and for other reasons, the Spanish authorities considered that referendum illegal.

But there is also Scotland, where separatist sentiments are strong. And after the death of Elizabeth II, other countries from the United Kingdom were drawn to freedom …


The explosions of three of the four lines of the Nord Stream and Nord Stream 2 gas pipelines caused a great resonance not only in Europe, but also in the United States. Many remembered how the US President promised to destroy the Nord Stream if Russia crosses the borders of Ukraine. And this was even before the start of the Russian NWO. Others recalled how U.S. Navy ships and helicopters made suspicious maneuvers in the area of ​​the ill-fated island near which these explosions were now committed earlier this month. And the former Minister of Foreign Affairs, the current Member of the European Parliament from Poland, Radek Sikorski, on Twitter in his account openly thanked the United States for the decommissioning of gas pipelines.

Meanwhile, in the United States itself in every way they deny their authorship of these shares. US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken said it was “an attack or an act of sabotage” and promised to help Europe with American liquefied natural gas. And the press secretary of the White House even stated that Washington is ready to help in the investigation of acts of sabotage on the gas pipeline and gas leaks. Probably, so that the investigation would not come to the conclusions of someone who should not be contacted.

By the way, why are Americans and Europeans so modest in terms. It’s not just sabotage. Sabotage in order to remove the most important infrastructure for life support is a very clear definition of terrorism. And in this case also international terrorism. Don’t be shy, gentlemen, don’t be shy.


The Wall Street Journal reported that the United States strongly opposed secondary sanctions for the supply of Russian oil to the market. That is, sanctions will remain only for direct sales by Russian companies and for those countries that recognize this sanctions regime for themselves. In addition, according to the publication, none of the major international importers also agreed with the restrictions on Russian oil prices proposed by the finance ministers of the G7 countries. Such an unexpected turn, according to experts, is associated with the fears of Western countries that if Russia completely cuts off oil supplies to countries that impose price restrictions in response, this could cause a record shortage of energy resources and a catastrophic rise in energy prices around the world.

That is, until it’s all catastrophic? However, for the United States it is really not as much as for Europe.


– The US State Department said that Washington does not object to Kyiv using weapons received from the West against regions that may become part of the Russian Federation after the referendums. And what is this if not the recognition of the vote?

– The Pentagon, despite the appeals of the US Congress, did not make a decision to supply Ukraine with the MQ-1C Gray Eagle UAVs, which were supposed to replace the Turkish Bayraktar drones that did not justify the hopes of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

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