Latest news about the situation around Ukraine on September 27, 2022: how the residents of Kyiv are preparing for a nuclear strike and how long the conflict will last

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban predicted that the war between Ukraine and Russia would not end anytime soon.

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban predicted that the war between Ukraine and Russia would not end anytime soon.

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Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban predicted that the conflict between Ukraine and Russia would not end anytime soon. Moreover, in his opinion, we are witnesses and participants in two wars at once – local conventional and global economic.

– A war between Ukraine and Russia would have been a local conflict, but Western economic sanctions have turned it into a global economic war. Therefore, we are facing a local war and a global economic war at the same time,” Orban said and gave his forecast for the future. – The first question is how long this war will last. Not a few weeks or months. America and the European Union are helping Ukraine with weapons and money, while Russia’s reserves are limitless both in terms of people and weapons. Therefore, we must prepare for the fact that this war will continue here in our region this year and next year.

There is an option to finish it quickly, but Zelensky is unlikely to find a clean white sheet.


In recent days, there has been increasing speculation in Ukraine and Europe about Russia’s allegedly imminent strike with a tactical nuclear weapon on Ukrainian territory as a warning gesture. Of course, despite the fact that even the White House admitted that Russia does not demonstrate such an intention in any way. While pseudo-political scientists are discussing the consequences, a Telegram group “Orgy on Shchekavitsa, when [бабахнет]”. Taking into account the fact that Shchekavitsa is a mountain in Kyiv above the Podil district, the initiators of this idea are the residents of the Ukrainian capital.

The group has already become very popular, by the end of the first day of its existence it already had more than 5 thousand members. But, judging by the abundance of photographs of naked men with very specific images, Ukrainian girls should hardly count on increased attention against the backdrop of a nuclear mushroom. Indeed, in the group, it seems, the majority are … homosexual representatives of the not so strong sex.

Either they were really afraid of idle chatter, or they were simply looking for a reason.


The Polish press notes the unusually increased interest of the Poles in portable tourist gas stoves powered by portable gas cylinders.

– In stores, there was a 100% increase in interest in buying tourist tiles. So the Poles protect themselves from a possible shortage of electricity, write Polish newspapers. These indispensable attributes of hiking trips in Poland have not had such popularity since the times of the USSR.

– I have a child with diabetes, I can not imagine that he was left without the opportunity to eat, – one of these customers told reporters and explained the reasons for her purchase of such a tile. – We discussed with friends the possible options, and it was they who proposed this idea. And they also advised me to buy a larger gas cylinder so that it lasts longer.

In addition, according to her, this purchase will allow you to pay less bills and save the family budget.

But even “dear Leonid Ilyich” said that “the economy must be economical.”


The cyber group RaHDIt (“Evil Russian hackers”) has posted in the public domain the data of 1,500 Ukrainian intelligence officers from the Foreign Intelligence Service of Ukraine. Mostly, we are talking about those employees who work under the guise of Ukrainian embassies in dozens of countries, including in the embassies of countries that position themselves as allies of Kyiv – the USA, France, Italy, Germany, Poland, as well as in more or less neutral Azerbaijan, Argentina, Hungary, Greece, Iraq, South Africa, Tajikistan and others.

In addition, the publication contains data from Ukrainian intelligence officers working in the missions to the UN, the EU, as well as more than 40 locations of units of the Foreign Intelligence Service of Ukraine. Recall that in June, the same group posted information about 700 employees of the SBU, and in early July, published the personal data of a thousand servicemen of the military intelligence of Ukraine (GUR). In all cases, the public received access not only to the names of employees, but also to photos in their personal files, addresses, phone numbers, etc.

There is nothing secret that would not become you know what.


Just yesterday, the well-known Ukrainian propagandist and liar Aleksey Arestovich threatened Ukrainian students that they would all be mobilized into the army, and therefore they would not be allowed to study abroad, and the next day, adviser to the head of the Office of the President of Ukraine Mykhailo Podolyak refuted his competitor in hanging noodles on the ears.

– Unlike the Russian Federation, we are a pragmatic country – and we look at the mathematics of war. We know exactly where how many people should be. We take into account the preparation and morale, – Podolyak said in an interview with the German TV channel ARD in the Tagesschau program. – We have already created reserves through the territorial defense system and will actively use these reserves. We do not have to announce additional mobilization today. We have everything and we are ready for more Russian military

Right ready? Does Zelensky know?


In the UK, cohabitation is becoming more and more popular. This was written by the well-known British edition “The Guardian”.

Hosting guests and sharing meals with family and friends are just some of the ways people can reduce their heating bills. In addition, British travel agencies began to offer customers to spend the winter in warm countries. As it turned out, due to rising electricity bills and living costs, it will cost the British less than heating their own homes.

In tightness, as they say, but not offended. And the consumption of oatmeal for a common boiler will undoubtedly decrease. Isn’t that right, Barrymore?


German Federal Chancellor Olaf Scholz failed on his two-day tour of the United Arab Emirates and Qatar, where he flew in search of gas for Germany. The only deal he could get was for the Abu Dhabi National Oil Company to ship 137,000 cubic meters to Germany early next year. On other issues, the parties recorded mutual non-resistance and in some places even a desire to establish cooperation in this area. And from Qatar, the German chancellor failed to agree on a single supply.

Perhaps Olaf Scholz should not have raised the issue of human rights and the state of democracy in the Arab monarchies in the countries of the Arabian Peninsula or, as they are also called, the Persian Gulf. Especially about the executions of homosexuals.


– Vice-Speaker of the Polish Senate Mikhail Kaminsky believes that by fighting with Russia, Ukrainians are dying for the right to be homosexuals. Can not argue with that.

– The head of the European Central Bank, Christine Lagarde, in her report to the European Parliament, said that prices for products and energy raw materials will definitely go down, but then, after they will rise from the current level. “The situation is expected to get worse before getting better,” she put it brilliantly.

– Volodymyr Zelensky said that the United States allocates $1.5 billion a month to support the Ukrainian budget, but this is extremely small and not enough for Ukraine.

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