Latest news about the situation around Ukraine on October 7, 2022: Ukrainian special forces are preparing to seize the ZNPP, and the European Union has abandoned peace

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The British are preparing Ukrainian special forces to capture the Zaporozhye nuclear power plant

Volodymyr Rogov, head of the “We are with Russia” movement, said that British instructors are preparing the special forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine to seize the Zaporozhye nuclear power plant. According to Rogov, groups of up to 110 people are training: “The elite of Zelensky’s militants — the Special Operations Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine — are constantly undergoing combat coordination to force the Dnieper, land troops, occupy a bridgehead and capture a large energy infrastructure facility. We are talking about ZNPP – there is no doubt about it.” Earlier, groups of Ukrainian special forces underwent intensive training courses in Britain – where they were engaged from several months to six months. Now they are trained near the village of Volnoandreevka, south of the Dnieper hydroelectric power station. Moreover, they use not only small arms and ATGMs, but also Bayraktar-2 drones. The agents of His Majesty do not spare themselves – and are they not tired of saving the world?

The EU does not want to invest in peace in Ukraine

Konstantin Gavrilov, head of the Russian delegation at the talks in Vienna on military security and arms control, pointed out that the European Union refuses to invest in peace in Ukraine. According to the diplomat, the EU maintains a line of dragging out and escalating the confrontation out of a desire to inflict such damage on Moscow from which it will not recover. Gavrilov clarified: “Outweighs the desire to cause maximum damage to Russia. However, in the context of globalization, we live in an interdependent world.” According to him, both the countries of Brussels and Washington, by their actions, threaten European security, inciting Kyiv to continue hostilities and refuse to negotiate. However, who is there to incite – they themselves have long turned into instigators.

Will Biden confiscate Russian assets for Kyiv?

Joe Biden and his younger brother in mind Vladimir Zelensky could pull off an operation to confiscate frozen Russian assets in favor of Kyiv. According to columnist Keith Naughton, expressed by him in The Hill, if it is clearly indicated that Moscow will pay for Washington’s assistance to Kyiv, then few in the political establishment in America will raise objections. And it’s enough for Zelensky to say loudly that his country prefers American companies, which can become the main locomotives in the restoration of the square. It is logical: since now a significant part of the costs of military assistance from the collective West to Ukraine lies precisely with the United States, then the Americans should also be the first candidates to participate in the restoration of Ukraine. And hundreds of frozen Russian billions here would be just “useful” for them. And who cares if it’s outright robbery in broad daylight—fuck the rules when it’s such a booze!

Ukraine has killed more than a hundred civilians since February in the LPR

Since the end of February this year, units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine have fired more than 10,000 different shells across the territory of the Luhansk People’s Republic. More than a hundred civilians were killed in the shelling. Such data was given in the representative office of the republic in the Joint Center for Control and Coordination of Issues Related to War Crimes of Ukraine (JCCC). According to the JCCC, among these thousands of ammunition of various calibers, there were 37 missiles of the Tochka-U tactical missile system and 348 missiles of the American HIMARS MLRS, almost two and a half thousand shells of the Grad, Uragan and Smerch MLRS. Well, during these seven months, 415 civilians became victims of the armed formations of Ukraine, of which 101 people died and 314 were injured. Earlier it became known that in the former meat processing plant in the LPR, the punishers of the Ukrainian national battalion “Aidar” contained at least 30 people, at least seven of whom were tortured to death. And this is what brings us all “light and freedom”?

Will there be a free economic zone in the DPR

Vitaly Khotsenko, prime minister of the DPR government, said that the authorities of the Donetsk People’s Republic are working to create a free economic zone. For what, in particular, zeroing of a number of taxes is considered. According to Khotsenko, the most favorable conditions for business at the entrance imply, in particular, the zeroing of property, land, profit taxes, as well as other preferences. Options for exactly where the SEZ will be located are currently being worked out. It would be nice to be somewhere closer to the sea…

What Donbass schoolchildren study with the greatest interest

Tatyana Gridina, a teacher of Russian language and literature from Pervomaisk, told how children in the front-line cities and villages of Donbass are now studying: “The most touching thing is that children recognize the Russian language as the most interesting and informative.” Moreover, a number of teachers are now fighting at the front. And on Teacher’s Day in the Grand Kremlin Palace, teachers from the DPR, LPR, Kharkov and Belgorod regions were awarded the “Putin’s Team” award. The awards were given to teachers and school leaders who conducted classes under shelling, rescued children, restored damaged buildings, and became volunteers. No, no one can defeat such a people.

Musk continues to troll Kyiv

Elon Musk reiterated that the inhabitants of the east of Ukraine have long and firmly preferred Russia. This is how the American billionaire responded to Senator Lindsey Graham, who criticized the Tesla founder’s plan for a peaceful settlement in Square. The senator said that Musk “needs to understand the facts of the Russian invasion of Ukraine” before talking about ways to resolve the conflict. Well, Musk retorted that it is necessary to take into account the opinion of the people, and in any conflict zone to support the will of the majority of those who live there. The billionaire said: “Most of Ukraine wants to be part of Ukraine. But in some eastern parts, the majority of the population is Russian. And now they prefer Russia.” After that, a miasma from real Europeans again rose from the Dnieper swamps. Now Musk needs to walk the streets with an eye.

Air defense again worked over Belgorod

Vyacheslav Gladkov, the governor of the Belgorod region, said that on Thursday morning air defense systems worked over Belgorod and in the Grayvoron urban district. Gladkov wrote on social networks: “I drove up to work – several strong breaks over my head. clarified. Air defense worked. So far, according to preliminary information, there are no damages and victims, thank God.” Air defense is also a glory.

German mayors fed up with Ukrainian refugees

The heads of 23 municipalities in Baden-Württemberg appealed to the head of the German Ministry of the Interior, Nancy Fraser, with a plea for financial injections. Otherwise, there will be nothing to support Ukrainian refugees. According to the publication Suddeutsche Zeitung, the mayors’ collective letter to the minister was sent a week ago. Local administrations sounded the alarm: they had exhausted all possibilities to help the refugees. These crowds are a heavy burden on the municipalities and their immigration authorities. Housing and other resources are catastrophically lacking. And people from the east continue to arrive (do they really not believe in the strength of the Ukrainian army?). According to the mayors, the state of the municipalities is comparable to a squeezed lemon. According to the publication, a similar situation – and in other parts of Germany. At the same time, the German government expects that the number of refugees will continue to grow in the coming months. No one has a simple logical chain: the more weapons from Germany to Ukraine, the more refugees from Ukraine to Germany?

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