Latest news about the situation around Ukraine on October 5, 2022: Why the nuclear worker was expelled from the Zaporizhzhya NPP and what Musk did to Zelensky

Elon Musk, who proposed to recognize Crimea as Russian and hold referendums in the southeast under the auspices of the UN, after a wave of criticism that rose in the square, said that he still supports Kyiv

Elon Musk, who proposed to recognize Crimea as Russian and hold referendums in the southeast under the auspices of the UN, after a wave of criticism that rose in the square, said that he still supports Kyiv


The head of the Zaporizhzhya NPP was expelled for work against his own people in an independent

Igor Murashov, Head of the Zaporozhye Nuclear Power Plant, was expelled to Kyiv-controlled territory. This gentleman was accused of “carrying out activities aimed at discrediting the authorities of the Russian Federation.” Pan Murashov himself confessed to having links with the SBU. Under the TV camera, he said that he was transmitting data on the current state of affairs at the station to the independent. He stated that he was aware of all the damage to the station that appeared due to the shelling of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Murashov did not rule out that such arrivals from the Ukrainian side could lead to emergency situations. In general, the experts of the IAEA have been observing all this disgrace for a month already.

People line up for Russian passports in Donbass

Employees of the DPR migration service confirm that after decision The Constitutional Court of the Russian Federation that residents of the Donetsk People’s Republic are recognized as citizens of Russia, queues lined up in Donetsk for Russian passports. Previously, citizens of the DPR could not receive this main document immediately when submitting an application and a package of documents – they still had to leave for the territory of the Russian Federation. Now, a passport can be obtained with only Ukrainian citizenship and a local residence permit. There is no need to travel, for example, to Rostov – documents can be issued in Donetsk. A resident of the republic submits documents through one of the collection points, many are located in post offices – and a month later he receives a notification that his passport is ready. It is issued by the migration service of the DPR. By the way, at the same time you can apply for a Russian passport. More and more they get out of wide trousers a duplicate of a priceless load …

The discussion of walking two languages ​​continues

Evgeny Ivanov, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, expressed the opinion that learning Ukrainian and other languages in the republics of Donbass and two regions included in the Russian Federation, will be free. Ivanov said: “It is written in the contracts that the state language is Russian. The study of others will not be forbidden.” The Deputy Minister specified that the study of any languages, including Ukrainian, will be determined by these regions independently. Earlier it was said that Russia would send Ukrainian language textbooks to these regions, published already on the territory of the Russian Federation. The Dnieper is wonderful in calm weather and with free circulation of tongues and ferries.

The mask is poured with mud in Ukraine, and he justifies himself

Elon Musk proposed to recognize Crimea as Russian and hold referendums in the southeast under the auspices of the UN, after a wave of criticism that rose in the square, he said that he still supports Kyiv. But the American billionaire believes that the escalation of the conflict harms the independence. The founder of Tesla wrote on social media: “I still actively support Ukraine, but I am convinced that a large-scale escalation will cause significant damage to Ukraine and possibly the whole world.” Earlier, the adviser to the head of the office of Vladimir Zelensky, Mikhail Podolyak, and the sixth president of the Independent, and Deputy Foreign Minister Serhiy Kyslitsa compared Musk with a plumber, criticized Musk with criticism. But for some reason, no one in Kyiv refuses satellite communications, which Musk provided for this awkward regime.

70 thousand volunteers will consolidate the results of the referendums

Dmitry Chernyshenko, Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian government, said that Gosuslugi has received more than 70,000 requests for volunteers since the beginning of partial mobilization. A special service “Become a Volunteer” was launched last weekend. Also in the Russian capital, on the basis of the specialized employment center “My Career”, a support center for relatives of Muscovites called up as part of the partial mobilization into the Russian Armed Forces and volunteers has been launched. And how many “warriors of light” themselves came to the Ukrainian military registration and enlistment offices after Zelensky’s last announcement of mobilization?

East Germans trust Moscow more than Kyiv

Frank Richter, Saxon politician, in a column for Spiegel said that the majority of East Germans support Russia’s special operation in Ukraine. According to Richter, many residents of the east of the republic “apparently look at Russia differently than most residents of the west of the country.” Particularly in the East, there is no shortage of public demonstrations of sympathy for Moscow. The German flags fly next to the tricolors. Cars with Ukrainian license plates are scratched. It happens that they cut the letter “Z” on them. But the main thing is that the inhabitants of the former GDR do not support the sanctions imposed by the European Union against Moscow. They tend to advocate “German-Russian friendship,” Richter said. Still, you should be on your guard at Bankovaya.

The President of Serbia pulled back the Ukrainian authorities

Aleksandar Vučić, President of Serbia, said that Kyiv should not try to put pressure on Belgrade. In such a manner, as the Ukrainian leadership is trying to put pressure on other European countries. Earlier, the Ukrainian ambassador to this Balkan country, Volodymyr Tolkach, said he expected Serbia to join the sanctions against Russia, called on it to military-technical cooperation and joint struggle. As Vucic said in response, Kyiv is mistaken if it thinks that the time has come to “do with Serbia what they have done with many European countries, that is, at the behest of a third party, apply brazen pressure.” The head of the republic added that Ukraine “choose the wrong country” for such steps. Vučić said he “doesn’t remember that in 1999” when NATO bombed Yugoslavia, the Ukrainian side “cancelled flights between Kyiv and Rome or Vienna, or with those countries that participated in the aggression against the Republic of Yugoslavia.” He stressed that Serbia’s position is “clean as a tear”, so he has nothing to fear. That’s right, let them be afraid in Kyiv.

Nationalists are on trial

The Prosecutor General’s Office of the Donetsk People’s Republic sent a case against 18 militants of the Ukrainian national battalion “Aidar” to court. The department noted that as part of this unit, the defendants committed “actions aimed at seizing power and changing the constitutional order” of the DPR in the territories of the republic controlled by the Kyiv regime. 11 people from this group underwent special training for conducting terrorist activities. 14 militants were charged with participation in the activities of a terrorist organization. The prison has been crying for them for a long time – it cannot cry.

Federation Council ratified agreements with Donbass and two regions

Upper house of the Russian parliament ratified treaties on the admission of the Donetsk and Luhansk People’s Republics, as well as the Zaporozhye and Kherson regions to the Russian Federation. The President of Russia and the leaders of the regions signed these agreements on September 30 in the Kremlin. On October 2, the Constitutional Court found them in line with the Basic Law. On October 3, the agreements were ratified by deputies of the State Duma. From now on, the borders of the DPR, LPR, Kherson and Zaporozhye regions, connected with the territory of other countries, are the state border of Russia. Until January 1, 2026, all four new subjects have a transitional period to resolve issues of military duty and military service. The same terms are allotted for the integration of new regions into the economic, financial, credit and legal systems of Russia and into the system of government bodies. That is, for three years and three months I will shake and grind, and then – into the family!

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