Latest news about the situation around Ukraine on October 4, 2022: The split in NATO over Ukraine and Zelensky, who was recognized in Europe as “dangerous for the world”

The State Duma voted for the adoption of the DPR, LPR, Zaporozhye and Kherson regions into Russia

The State Duma voted for the adoption of the DPR, LPR, Zaporozhye and Kherson regions into Russia

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The State Duma has replenished the composition of Russia with four hot subjects

On October 3, the lower house of the Russian parliament ratified important treaties. The DPR and LPR, Zaporozhye and Kherson regions were included in the largest country in the world. The borders of the new subjects are the limits of the territories “existing on the day of their formation and admission to the Russian Federation.” Both republics and two regions will retain their current names. Their leaders receive the status of governors. Acting leaders will be appointed by Vladimir Putin within 10 days from the day the subjects were accepted into the large Russian family. The President submitted the treaties on the accession of new regions to Russia for ratification, as well as the relevant draft laws to the lower house. All documents were approved by the Constitutional Court. The ceremony of signing agreements on the entry of these territories (where from 85 to 99% of those who voted in the referenda voted “for”) to our country was held on September 30 in the Kremlin. Catherine the Great and Prince Potemkin of Tauride smiled from heaven.

Matvienko spoke about balancing budgets

Valentina Matvienko, head of the Federation Council, said that the federal budget for 2023-2025 will have to take into account the emergence of four new regions of the country. Matvienko said: “It is necessary to take into account the formation of four new subjects in the Russian Federation. Millions of people live there – citizens of Russia. They have every right to social benefits and payments.” The speaker of the upper house of parliament is also convinced that all measures to support the participants in the special operation in Ukraine must be fully provided. Including those who are currently called up as part of the partial mobilization and their families.

Who is in favor of Ukraine joining NATO?

The North Atlantic Alliance has split over the issue of accelerated entry of the Independent into NATO, which is literally demanded by Kyiv. In particular, Washington and Berlin believe that the time has not yet come for such a decisive step. At the same time, Eastern Europe is almost without exception “for” accepting the independence in close NATO embrace. The fuss began after Ukraine applied for NATO membership. Despite the detached-negative reaction, in particular, the United States and Germany, the leadership of nine states, including the Baltic countries and the former Warsaw Pact, called for Ukraine to be accepted into the alliance as quickly as possible. How, after all, they boiled for some 45 post-war years, when the USSR invested forces and means in them!

In Bucha, a new “discovery” – they found the body of their “hero” – aviator

Anatoly Fedoruk, head of the infamous Bucha, said a body had been found. No, not another “victim of the Russian troops”! This time – the pilot Mikhail Matyushchenko, who was shot down over the Black Sea. The colonel headed the 40th tactical aviation brigade of the Ukrainian troops. They were called “ghosts of Kyiv”. The unfortunate pilot, a native of Bucha, died back in June. But his body has just been found. And they buried him in his hometown on Monday. Of course, with less excitement and fanfare than the bodies “found” in the spring, scattered around Bucha by Kyiv directors. Well, is the Air Force really interested in some unknown colonel who was shot down over some distant sea, and he didn’t fall on the heads of peaceful settlers shouting “damn Russians!”?

German readers called Zelensky a “farce”

Surprisingly, the readers of Die Welt, despite the intense pro-Ukrainian propaganda in Germany, reacted massively negatively to the words of Volodymyr Zelensky, who called the referendums in the Donbass, as well as in the Kherson and Zaporozhye regions, a “farce”. The sixth president himself was called the culprit of the current situation. Here are some of the brightest responses. “He himself is a farce, and besides, he is dangerous for the whole world.” “SS leader pretty much fantasizes while intoxicated with cocaine.” “Ukraine will go down with Germany, because that’s the plan.” “If American intelligence agencies leave Ukraine, then there is no reason for conflict.” “When the time comes, the US will abandon him, as they did with Hitler.” The question again arises: does Zelensky have a German translator on hand to sometimes enlighten the boss about the general mindset in the most powerful country in Europe?

Ukraine continues to kill people in the Belgorod region

Vyacheslav Gladkov, governor of the Belgorod region, reported new losses in his region due to Ukrainian shelling. The head of the Belgorod region wrote the following on his telegram channel: “The Armed Forces of Ukraine shelled our village of Golovchino, Graivoron urban district. One woman, 48 years old, died. Also, as a result of shells hitting the center of the village, there is destruction. The eighth month has passed, as Kyiv “does not fight with civilians.”

The head of Chechnya sends his sons to the NVO zone

The head of the Chechen Republic said that his sons Akhmat, Eli and Adam will very soon be able to take part in the military operation in Ukraine. According to Ramzan Kadyrov, they “will be located on the most difficult sections of the line of contact.” As the leader of the North Caucasian republic wrote in his telegram channel, his heirs are undergoing military training “from an early age.” Kadyrov recalled that Akhmat is 16 years old, Eli is 15 years old, and Adam is 14 years old. In general, not only old people go into battle.

Switzerland does not want to give Ukraine Russian assets

Fabian Meienfisch, a spokesman for the Swiss Ministry of Economy, dismissed suggestions that Russian money frozen in Swiss banks after the start of a special operation in Ukraine could somehow get to Kyiv. Meienfisch said: “For the Swiss government, seizing assets based solely on the grounds of belonging to a state or being on a sanctions list and using them to rebuild Ukraine is currently not an option to support Ukraine.” But the main thing he said is this: the confiscation of assets, compared to their freezing, is a “massive infringement on the security of property and other basic constitutional rights” of those who fell under the sanctions. In total, by July 2022, financial assets in the amount of 6.7 billion Swiss francs, as well as a dozen and a half real estate objects, were frozen in Switzerland. This is how the country of banks, watches and cheese reacted to Zelensky’s proposal to block Russian assets and transfer them to Kyiv. Opening your mouth to someone else’s, the main thing is not to tear it.

In Ukraine, they could not fire a judge with a Russian passport

The head of the Cassation Economic Court of Ukraine, Bohdan Lvov, received a Russian passport in 2012 – in exchange for the one he received thirteen years earlier. This seemed to anger the judicial community, and they gathered to vote for the removal of Lvov from office. 18 citizens in robes were against the dismissal. 21 people for. But one vote was not enough to make a decision, and the scandalous referee will continue to work in this post. But there is already a bill on criminal liability for obtaining a Russian passport – only the project did not manage to become a law. In general, Lvov is still there, and the law is harsh when it is the law.

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