Latest news about the situation around Ukraine on October 11, 2022: What Ukrainian border guards do when they drink, and why Melnyk’s son does not protect his homeland

Consequences of the missile attack of the Russian Aerospace Forces on Kyiv.

Consequences of the missile attack of the Russian Aerospace Forces on Kyiv.

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In Ukraine it became dark, dry and motionless

In independent after pinpoint strikes from Russia reported damage to the contact railway network in the west of the country, the failure of thermal power plants throughout the country and the disruption of water supply in a number of regional centers. In Kyiv and Kharkov, the metro stopped, in Sumy and Odessa, the tap ran out of water, in Krivoy Rog, without electricity, Kryvorizhstal could not fulfill French orders for nuclear facilities. The Supreme Commander-in-Chief of the Square, seeing such a thing, heroically evacuated from the capital, which had received an injection of sobering up, into the habitually cozy bunker on the Ukrainian-Polish border and began to call Olaf. Somewhere in Europe, Emmanuel, Ursula and Josep bravely threatened Moscow with heavenly punishments. But heaven barely heard the sexless voices.

Who will become the millionth refugee

Since the start of the special operation, more than 950,000 people fleeing Ukraine have reached Germany. And they obviously don’t want to come back. According to the Federal Bureau of Statistics of Germany, most migrants arrived in Germany in March and April. In these months, 431 and 198 thousand subjects of Zelensky, respectively, descended on the homeland of Bach and Goethe. Some of them tried to find a job, but the refugees constantly complained about the difficult working conditions and the unkind attitude of others. And someone promised to wear them in their arms, do Thai massage and drink Bavarian?

China continues to bend its line

Mao Ning, spokesman for the Chinese Foreign Ministry, spoke out diplomatically after pinpoint but massive Russian strikesthat the leadership of the People’s Republic of China expresses hope for a decrease in the escalation of the situation in the independent “against the background of media reports of several explosions in Kyiv.” According to Mao Ning, her country continues to advocate for a peaceful settlement of the Ukrainian crisis. She noted: “We have paid attention to this, China hopes to reduce the escalation. We must support all efforts to promote a peaceful settlement of the situation.” The Chinese side expects that the Ukrainian issue will be resolved through negotiations. And Beijing is ready to continue playing a constructive role to resolve the problem. Bravo! No one was condemned, no one was supported, they just waved the fan.

Ukrainians have a padlocked border with Belarus

While Minsk is with Moscow create a joint regional grouping of troops To reflect possible aggression, the Belarusian TV channel ONT showed in the program “To Be Supplemented” footage of how Ukrainian border guards behave after taking alcohol. In one of the episodes, instead of serving on the Gomel section of the border, the border guards tried to fish, but it turned out badly – the bottle and glasses interfered. In other shots, the lads in the uniform of the square border service, smoking cigarettes, boldly showed obscene gestures to their Belarusian colleagues. In the third episode, two fighters in camouflage, sitting in the bushes, aimed at the lenses of Belarusian surveillance cameras, accompanying this with gestures characteristic of black rappers. Two border guards also got into the frame, one of whom is holding a bottle in his hands, and the other, moving towards the state border, moves his legs with such difficulty that at some point they are braided, and the defender of the motherland falls. Now, in part, it becomes clear why the Ukrainians are trying to mine roads and destroy bridges near the border with Belarus – they do not have high hopes for their border service in Kyiv.

The miller by inertia continues to pour water

Andriy Melnyk, the ex-Ambassador of Ukraine to Germany, reacted aggressively to a question from a member of the Left Party, Ezgi Guyildar, about the desire of the son of a Ukrainian diplomat to join the Armed Forces of the country instead of continuing his studies in Berlin without stress. The former envoy of the independent in the Federal Republic avoided answering Güyildar’s question and called her party “an inhuman and terrible” party, and the woman herself “shameless.” Melnik, in his usual boorish manner, said: “Good luck in the elections in Lower Saxony. Worry about your left dirt.” And blacklisted the politician’s social media account. This is all understandable, this is in his style, but why, after all, does the son not fulfill his constitutional duty in his homeland? Liquid flour at Melnik.

Turkey predicts harsh winter for Europe

The President of Turkey, said that the Old World expects a difficult winter due to restrictions on the supply of blue fuel From Russia. Here is what President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said:

“European countries are facing significant difficulties this winter due to restrictions on gas supplies from Russia.” At the same time, the Turkish leader assured that his country would not have problems with energy resources in the coming cold months. That’s when the Turkish stream will be envied by those who could not settle things with the northern streams.

The SBU is hunting Medvedev – so fearless!

Deputy Chairman of the Security Council of Russia Dmitry Medvedev put on the wanted list by the SBU. Dmitry Anatolyevich is wanted by law enforcement officers of the Square in connection with the charge brought against him under the second part of Article 110 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine (“Infringement on the territorial integrity and inviolability of Ukraine committed by a person who is a representative of power”). Will they search during the day with lanterns? Pinkertons on the Dnieper are a terrible force.

American spy will not lie

Former American intelligence officer Scott Ritter accused the Kyiv regime of many years of genocide against the Russian people. Which began to appear in 2014, and most clearly in the Donbass. The bans against everything Russian, introduced in Ukraine over the past 8 years, reminded the former intelligence officer of what happened in Nazi Germany in the 30s of the last century. And the persecution of Russians is a copy of the persecution of Jews in the Third Reich. And “the argument “so they have a Jewish president” does not work here. He’s more like a Judas.

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