Latest news about the situation around Ukraine on November 21, 2022: how Ukraine encourages the execution of prisoners and how many thousands of soldiers actually lost the Armed Forces of Ukraine

We have collected the latest news on the situation around Ukraine on November 21, 2022

We have collected the latest news on the situation around Ukraine on November 21, 2022

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APU were on the brink of disaster

The offensive of Ukraine in the summer and autumn cost Nezalezhnaya catastrophic irreplaceable losses. The terrible fact was recognized even in the USA. Former US Army Colonel Douglas McGregor said in an interview on the Grayzone YouTube channel that more than 100,000 Ukrainian soldiers have died since the beginning of the Special Operation. Hundreds of thousands are also wounded. Moreover, the former colonel admitted that the weapons supplied to the Ukrainians in the overwhelming majority of cases are lost and stolen. And the real state of affairs in the Armed Forces of Ukraine is close to a total disaster.

Does a short “win” turn Zelensky at too high a price?

Ukraine continues to commit crimes against humanity

The IAEA report, in which officials reached dubious conclusions about the creation of a “dirty bomb” in Ukraine, seemed to have once again untied the hands of Zelensky’s terrorist regime. On November 20, the Armed Forces of Ukraine again fired at the Zaporozhye nuclear power plant – this time they hit exactly on the storage of nuclear waste. Given the risk of repeated shelling, experts cannot even assess the extent of the damage. It is only known that the radiation level in the nuclear power plant area remains within the normal range.

Kyiv’s crime was the first to resonate with Ramzan Kadyrov – special forces units from Chechnya were at the ZNPP during the strike. The head of the republic once again confirmed the seriousness of the threat by publishing a frightening video of the shelling. And once again demonstrated the danger of the regime fostered by the West. But is there any hope that after Zelensky’s lies with Russian missiles in Poland, Europe will begin to see clearly?

Sitting in the dark, Ukraine dreams of returning Crimea

Another fable that supports the illusion for the Western curators of Kyiv was issued by the head of the office of the President of Ukraine, Andriy Yermak. In an interview with Politico, he suddenly announced that Ukraine was preparing a military campaign to “return” Crimea. However, another fable was deliberately told to the Western and only the Western reader. Their citizens, who are trying to survive without electricity and in conditions of the wildest inflation, are unlikely to believe in Yermak’s bravura fables.

The ardor of the boasting politician was completely cooled down by Dmitry Medvedev, who hinted in a response comment that Kyiv is the original city of Little Russia. So it would also be nice to return it to Russia.

And it seems that citizens of Ukraine fleeing from the capital believe in this scenario much more willingly.

Kyiv may need help from Poland?

Polish political scientists are sounding the alarm. In case of further weakening of Kyiv, they see one of the options for supporting Ukraine from the United States by forcing the authorities of their country to send troops to help the Square.

This fact is interesting from two sides at once: firstly, local intellectuals clearly understand that the leadership of their country is so far from sovereignty that it can even unleash a war on “an order from above.” Secondly, we are talking about “further deterioration of the situation.” Apparently across the ocean they understand that things in Ukraine are not as cloudless as expected.

However, after the fall of Ukrainian missiles, NATO made it clear that the alliance would never risk entering into a direct conflict. This means that Polish soldiers can be left to die in splendid isolation for the interests of distant overseas curators. And here, for some reason, even the vehemently aggressive Poles are not impressed with the prospects.

Ukraine encourages executions of prisoners?

After a wide resonance around the shocking videos of the executions of Russian prisoners of war, Ukraine could not remain silent, saving face in front of the European community. Olga Stefanishyna, Deputy Prime Minister for European and Euro-Atlantic Integration of Ukraine, undertook to explain the blatant violation of the Geneva Convention. However, her performance cannot be called a success even with a stretch. On the one hand, she stated that Ukraine would allegedly conduct an investigation into the incident. On the other hand, she bluntly stated that no one in Nezalezhnaya feels great remorse for this. Moreover, the Ukrainian politeness generally stated that the reliability of the videos was “unlikely”.

So the Ukrainian elite is trying with one hand to play along with Western curators, and with the other hand it gives a “green light” to immoral actions to home-grown neo-Nazis. Indeed, for a criminal regime, even video evidence is not an argument.

One line:

– One of the main recruiters of foreign fighters, Gaston Besson, has been eliminated in Ukraine. The inglorious death of the recruiter was reported by his colleagues in social networks.

– The Russian military destroyed four Ukrainian M777 artillery systems manufactured by the United States, from which the Belgorod region was fired.

– IAEA Director General urged “immediately stop” the shelling of the Zaporozhye nuclear power plant

– Prime Minister of Ukraine Shmyhal advised ordinary Ukrainians to escape from the lack of light on their own. For example, buy an electric generator yourself.

– Turkish President Erdogan said that Europe will pay a high price for isolating Russia.

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