Latest news about the situation around Ukraine on November 19, 2022: Which side are the Berkut soldiers fighting on and who will take the train to Kherson

IAEA naively urges Russia to withdraw from ZNPP

IAEA naively urges Russia to withdraw from ZNPP

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Aksenov reported on fortification work in the Crimea

The head of the republic, Sergei Aksyonov, said that fortification work is being carried out in a number of areas to guarantee the protection of the peninsula. At the same time, the main steps for the security of Crimea are being made, first of all, on the territory of the Kherson region. Aksyonov specified that the army and law enforcement agencies are taking sufficient measures to make the Crimeans feel safe. These statements are made against the backdrop of reports that Ukraine plans to transfer hostilities to Crimea. The other day, the media published documents about the plans of British military intelligence to create and train a “secret Ukrainian partisan terrorist army”, which is planned to be used in the Crimea. How restless they are, they will spoil in the Sevastopol Bay, then they will stir up the fuss with the “partisans”.

Kyiv surprised that “Berkut” is not fighting on its side

More than two dozen former Berkut fighters are participating in hostilities in the NVO zone on the side of Russia. Such an amazing discovery was made by the State Bureau of Investigation of Ukraine. The State Bureau of Investigation proudly notes that they were able to identify the ex-employees of the disbanded special unit of the Ukrainian Ministry of Internal Affairs. How could you? And during the titanic “investigation of criminal proceedings.” The names of the fighters in the department were shrouded in mystery. But a statement was made that Kyiv intends to present suspicions to the ex-“Berkut” members of “collaborationist activities.” And on whose side should people fight, in which on the Maidan the rabble with glassy eyes shot and threw Molotov cocktails, and the “revolutionary” authorities tried to wipe their feet on them?

The trailer will move to Kherson, but the Kyiv platform will remain

Sergei Khlan, adviser to the head of the Kyiv-controlled Kherson regional military administration, happily reported to the world that the Ukrzaliznytsia-Ukrainian Railways company was bravely launching a train on the Kyiv-Kherson route. The first flight departed on November 18, at 22.14 local time from Kyiv, and on Saturday around 9 am the train should arrive at the station at the end of the Russian Admiral Ushakov Avenue. The train will carry about 200 passengers. Who are these people and do they know where they are going? According to Alexander Malkevich, a freelance adviser to the acting governor of the Kherson region, in Kyiv they are trying to hush up the fact that Kherson is on the verge of a humanitarian catastrophe, because in the city where the “warriors of light” came, there is no light, no water, no heat, but there are repressions and looting.

The European Parliament is looking for terrorists in the east, but in the wrong country

The press secretary of the European Parliament, Delphine Colard, said that the EP had prepared a resolution recognizing Russia as a “terrorist state” due to large-scale attacks on Ukraine’s infrastructure. MEPs intend to vote for a resolution characterizing Russia as a “terrorist state” at a session in Strasbourg on November 23. It was the intensification of large-scale attacks on objects in the square that served as the reason for such a step. EP resolutions are advisory in nature, but they are used to promote specific political positions. However, your position, in general, is known – the back of the hut to the forest.

Macron hopes China will put pressure on Russia

Emmanuel Macron said that Beijing can put pressure on Moscow and is able to remind about the inadmissibility of crossing the line on the issue of nuclear weapons. In an interview with the Financial Times and the Nikkei, the French president said: “China is playing an important role in putting pressure on Russia. Xi Jinping has the opportunity to tell President Putin that we work together, we respect each other, but you cannot cross the line on nuclear weapons and must abide by international law.” Macron expressed hope that after the summit of G20 leaders in Bali, peace talks on the conflict in Ukraine could be held. The petty politician has now gone: he himself only wrinkles his forehead and hopes that the master from the East will put pressure on him.

Why Russia extended the grain deal

Russian First Deputy Prime Minister Andrei Belousov said that Russia agreed to extend the grain deal not because of international pressure. So Belousov commented on the words of US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken on the sidelines of the APEC summit in Bangkok. He said the day before that Moscow received a “clear signal” from the world community about its unwillingness to accept the rejection of the Istanbul agreements – and therefore decided to extend them.

The deputy head of the Russian government explained that Kyiv, by its actions, jeopardized the agreement, but then provided guarantees of non-attack on Russian ships in the Black Sea. After that, Russia decided to “return to the status quo and continue the grain deal.” Belousov stressed: “We did not experience any pressure.” In Kyiv, of course, they shouted that they did not guarantee anything to Moscow. The dog barks, the caravan moves on.

IAEA naively urges Russia to withdraw from ZNPP

The head of the State Duma Committee on International Affairs, Leonid Slutsky, said that the West is turning the IAEA into a platform that serves its interests and turning a blind eye to Kyiv’s attempts to undermine nuclear security in the region. So Slutsky commented on the resolution adopted by the agency, calling on Russia to abandon the Zaporizhzhya nuclear power plant. He stated: “If the IAEA expects that the Russian military will obediently leave the Zaporizhzhya NPP due to a formidable shout, they are greatly mistaken. The resolution is unenforceable. Zaporozhye NPP is located on the territory of Russia, it has become part of the energy system of our country.” The head of the international committee considered that the actions of the IAEA were dictated by “either amazing carelessness or blatant incompetence.” What if it’s both?

A refugee in the United States did not agree that Nazis live in Ukraine

The Salem Reporter portal reported that a Ukrainian refugee was beaten in the United States after he demanded not to call his compatriots Nazis. The incident took place in Keyser, Oregon a few months ago. The victim turned to the cops only in November. He and his wife fled from the independent to the States in April. They settled in the house of his wife’s uncle. One day there were guests. One of them allegedly called Ukrainians Nazis. There was a conflict. The refugee demanded an apology and was beaten. Marion County Court charged the fighter with assaulting and inflicting bodily harm on a Ukrainian “because of national origin.” He was released on $50,000 bail. But if people wear swastikas, throw up their hands in a Nazi salute, and honor Stepan and Adolf, are they cherubs?

Melnik has an autumn aggravation

Former Ukrainian Ambassador to Germany Andriy Melnik cannot calm down. He was overwhelmed by the supply of German air defense systems to Kyiv. Melnyk burst into such a tirade to German Defense Minister Christine Lambrecht: “Hello, minister, what do you say about this: maybe it’s time for the Bundeswehr to supply Ukraine with MANTIS air defense systems in order to survive the winter under the Russian hail of missiles? That would be a great solution!” In Germany, this is how they reacted to Melnik’s whining. “Who will explain to him that the Bundeswehr has only two such systems?” Robert Craven was indignant. “How about you, Mr. Melnik, finally stop your constant demands on Germany? You just take and take!” Basti89 got angry. Earlier, Melnik called Chancellor Scholz “an offended liverwurst” and Bandera “a freedom fighter.”

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