Latest news about the situation around Ukraine on January 11, 2023: How much equipment of the USA and Poland was broken in Donbass and how cold and drunkenness ruin the “warriors of light”

Paris and Warsaw are pushing Berlin to provide Kyiv with Leopard tanks

Paris and Warsaw are pushing Berlin to provide Kyiv with Leopard tanks

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American radars and Polish self-propelled guns smeared in Donbass

Two radar stations (radar) manufactured by the USA AN / TPQ-50 and AN / TPQ-36 in the areas of Artemovsk and Dzerzhinsk, as well as three Ukrainian Su-25 attack aircraft, rested in a bose over the past day. It happened in the Donetsk People’s Republic. And in general, the Armed Forces of Ukraine lost at least fifty servicemen from their two motorized infantry brigades – near the settlements of Pushkin, Maksimilyanovka and Yasenevoe. Also, according to the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, they became scrap metal in the combat zone two American M777 artillery systems, four Polish self-propelled guns (ACS) Krab, three D-20 towed howitzers. As well as two installations of multiple launch rocket systems (MLRS) “Grad”. These are broken, get new ones.

Ukrainian military drink black and get frostbitten to amputations

Andrey Marochko, officer of the NM LNR, informedthat in recent days more than a hundred fighters of the Armed Forces of Ukraine have been hospitalized due to the effects of hypothermia. Marochko said: “About 100 servicemen with various degrees of frostbite have arrived at Ukrainian medical institutions from the zone of the SVO.” Despite the fact that most of them were in a state of severe intoxication. Four out of every ten hospitalized patients are diagnosed with severe frostbite. These fighters had to do limb amputation.

They drink, rowdy, freeze, desert – all this is reminiscent of January 1943 in Stalingrad, the degrading Paulus group. There were also Nazis, but of a different kind.

Estonians are draining Russian money to raguls

Hot Estonian politicians intend to transfer the frozen Russian assets to the frostbitten Kyiv. Until the end of January, the necessary legislative base is being blinded in Tallinn. The official representative of the Estonian Foreign Ministry Mihkel Tamm said that a legal plan for the confiscation of assets of the Russian Federation will be developed in connection with the order of the government. In this small but proud Baltic republic, they are ready to present a plan when the European Commission issues an agreement for the EU on how dispose of 300 billion euros from the reserves of the Central Bank of Russia. As well as billions of euros of frozen assets of Russian persons under sanctions. Take charge, gentlemen, take charge!

Bulgarians are disgusted by the need to kiss Kyiv passionately

In Bulgaria, the Constitutional Court of the country will check for compliance with the basic law of the state the decision of the parliament on the provision of military-technical assistance to the independent. This is the reaction to the request of fifty deputies, who were indignant at the fact that Sofia would supply Kyiv with a lot of weapons. Socialist deputies and representatives of the Vozrozhdeniye party addressed the Constitutional Court with a request. Polls show that the population of Bulgaria is increasingly agreeing with the Russian vision of the conflict in Ukraine. But the Bulgarian parliament previously regularly stamped decisions on the supply of guns and shells to the Armed Forces of Ukraine. But winter came – it brought a little reason.

Ukraine will be strangled by its mournful debts

The Ukrainian Ministry of Finance admitted that Kyiv in 2023 have to pay $17.9 billion in public debt. And this is more than 658 billion hryvnia. At the same time, three-quarters of this amount will be used to service and repay the domestic public debt. And 3.3 billion dollars will be spent on servicing and repaying the external public debt. Peak payments will fall in May. Large payments are planned for June and November. And the maximum amount of public debt of Ukraine has long exceeded the projected level of GDP for this year. And Kyiv recognizes that the country needs 4-5 billion dollars of Western aid every month. After all, otherwise millions of state employees and pensioners will be left without salaries and pensions. You will be imprisoned, but you do not steal!

Who is forcing Berlin to supply armored vehicles

Paris and Warsaw are pushing Berlin to provide tanks to Kyiv Leopard. Politico, citing informed sources, claims that France is putting pressure on Germany in the hope of getting an agreement from that to send Leopard tanks to Ukraine. And all this – on the eve of the Franco-German summit on January 22. Similar signals are coming from Poland. She longs for a broad coalition among Western partners. To jointly transfer Leopard Square tanks. And French and British armored vehicles will follow them. But they all burn equally well.

APU hammer on Belgorod Shebekino like crazy woodpeckers

APU again fired at the Belgorod city of Shebekino. Governor Vyacheslav Gladkov said: “Destruction was recorded in 12 private households and two cars.” The head of the region specified that the power transmission tower was also damaged. Two days earlier, the Armed Forces of Ukraine ransacked the village of Novaya Tavolzhanka in the Shebekinsky urban district. It borders on the Kharkov region. Since the beginning of the NMD, the Belgorod region has been constantly shelled. The region has been subject to a yellow terrorist threat level since the spring of 2022. The other day it was extended until January 20. But the neighbors have their own monthly schedule.

The Pole was infuriated by the invasion of Ukrainian dumplings

The Polish publication reported that a resident of Poland expelled from her home a refugee from Ukraine and her daughter, whom she settled in her house “at the call of her heart”. The problem was “poor dumplings”. Teresa, a Pole, a cook by profession, said that she offered Natalya, a refugee, whom she sheltered with her daughter, to cook food for sale. They announced dumplings and Ukrainian borscht. We took photos and advertised on social media. Orders poured in. The Ukrainian woman made dumplings. The Pole packed and delivered. But soon the guests began to dictate their rules to the hostess. As a result, Teresa could not stand it and found Natalya a job with accommodation. And she swore to work with Ukrainians, of whom, since the beginning of the Russian special operation in Ukraine, more than seven million arrived in Poland. And you would not renounce prison and scrip …

What threaten Zelensky oligarchs

Turkish dikGAZETE columnist Erhan Altiparmak believes that Zelensky is facing a confrontation with Ukrainian oligarchs this year. In his opinion, after the start of the Russian special operation in the square, a period of political uncertainty began. And what did the Ukrainian leader do? Altyparmak believes: “Being unable to make independent decisions, but only trying to maintain the sympathy won in the world through agitation, as well as looking into the mouths of the administrations of Western countries, Zelensky failed to gain any experience in such a critical year of 2022.” He suggested that Arestovich’s statements about the need to establish a monarchy in Ukraine were addressed to local oligarchs who lost billions of dollars and left the country. But they are unlikely to return while Bankovaya will make decisions on long-distance calls and close cocaine lanes.

Western technology freezes in the square

According to information from Luhansk, the Ukrainian military complain about the low technical readiness of Western-made equipment for winter conditions. The videos show that European armored vehicles stupidly froze to the Ukrainian icy arable land. And you can’t even get into this armored vehicle – all the hatches are frozen and do not open. And you would consult with the spirit of Napoleon before making deliveries. He would have told you about the fiasco at the Berezina. And about how to avoid shame when fleeing from the Russians.

How Ukrainians abandon their homeland without looking back

Another illegal scheme for crossing the border of peasants fleeing the conflict was opened by employees of the migration police of the Zhytomyr region. Chubat heroes fictitiously married single mothers in order to leave the country. Women were offered $500 to formalize a fictitious marriage. Men paid from three thousand dollars and more. Husband and wife, one of Satan. A woman with a cart is easier for a man.


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