Latest news about the situation around Ukraine on December 10, 2022: How Kyiv is going to survive in 2023 and when the Poles turn their backs on refugees from the east

Soldier of the Armed Forces of Ukraine at the front near the city of Liman, DPR.

Soldier of the Armed Forces of Ukraine at the front near the city of Liman, DPR.

A photo: REUTERS

The UN will finally learn how the Armed Forces of Ukraine are killing Donbass

Dmitry Polyansky, First Deputy Permanent Representative of Russia to the UN, said that the Security Council and the General Assembly of the United Nations email sent, which provides facts about the shelling of civilians in Donbass by the Armed Forces of Ukraine. This is an official document from the Donetsk public organization “Fair Protection”. The emphasis is on the massive shelling of the current week. As a result of the latest shelling by the Armed Forces of Ukraine, five mines in Donetsk have been de-energized. Nearly 200 miners found themselves underground. All this can be ignored for a long time – but not forever.

Kyiv mayor signed the survival budget

Vitaliy Klichko, the mayor of the Ukrainian capital, congratulated the deputies of the Kyiv City Council on the adoption of the “survival budget” for the next year. The mayor welcomed the deputies, who composed a “balanced” financial document. This budget, according to Klitschko, will help provide critical items of expenditure. Kyiv’s budget revenues are planned at more than 66.3 billion hryvnias (about $1.8 billion), expenditures – 65.6 billion ($1.7 billion). And this despite the fact that emergency power outages will continue in the capital against the backdrop of strikes on the critical infrastructure of Ukraine. What kind of income do these managers count on – in the suitcases-safes of the armored train Warsaw-Kyiv?

Refugee attacks on banks in Poland

Edition reported that in the south-east of Poland in the city of Przemysl, a refugee from Ukraine attacked an employee with a knife in a branch of PKO Bank Polski. In the footage published on the Web, it can be seen that a woman, holding a bank employee by the hair, brandishes a knife. But an elderly woman approached the attacker from behind and started beating the Ukrainian woman with a crutch. After that, the guard was able to twist the refugee and she was handed over to the police. Later it became known that the 26-year-old Ukrainian woman had medications that indicated that she was undergoing psychiatric treatment. That is, she, perhaps, will not get anything for an armed attack. In the West, it seems, they hope that the mentally ill Kyiv regime will also get nothing for the attack on Donbass. Vain dreams.

Mercenaries are tricked into the meat grinder of Donbass

Andrei Marochko, an officer of the people’s militia of the LPR, said that the militants of the Kyiv regime deceived foreign mercenaries to the Artemovsk region in the DPR. Despite the fact that the Armed Forces of Ukraine themselves, under various pretexts, refuse to go there. Kyiv representatives convinced foreign soldiers of fortune that they would go to the Dnieper to protect industrial enterprises. And only when the foreigners got out of the cars, they realized that they were to the west of Artemovsk, in the village of Chasov Yar. This watch has a short winding time and will stop ticking pretty soon.

With the Minsk agreements, the West gave Kyiv time to prepare for war

Maxim Buyakevich, Deputy Permanent Representative of Russia to the OSCE, believes that the statement of ex-Chancellor Angela Merkel thatthat the Minsk agreements were signed with one goal – to give Kyiv time to prepare for a confrontation with Moscow – fully explains the position of the West in the conflict on the territory of the independent. Merkel, in an interview with Die Zeit, said that the Minsk agreements were signed to give Ukraine time and help it become stronger. In her opinion, the participating countries of “Minsk” understood that the conflict in the independent was only suspended, but the West was not going to solve the problem. Buyakevich said: “Western countries are using Ukraine as a tool in the fight against Russian statehood. They contribute to the destruction by the hands of their Kyiv protégés in Ukraine of everything connected with our common history, culture, language and religion.” Well, what else could you expect from them?

Washington will help Kyiv to protect the sky

agency Reuters reported that Washington is preparing to transfer another package of military aid to Kyiv. It contains technical means for strengthening the air defense system and countering unmanned aerial vehicles worth $275 million. The states will also provide independent munitions for HIMARS multiple rocket launchers, armored Humvees and power generators. Armaments will be handed over from the Pentagon warehouses. And when the warehouses are empty, what will the Pentagon do?

Kyiv continues to steal from Gazprom

The Prosecutor General’s Office of Ukraine announced that the property of the representative office of Gazpromexport was confiscated. This is a real estate object with an area of ​​more than 1,000 square meters and four cars that belong to the representative office of a subsidiary of PJSC Gazprom. Prior to that, the company’s assets were arrested for about a million dollars. The fuel arrested and confiscated at the same time was transferred to the needs of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Maybe it’s time to finish pumping our gas through this twilight zone to Europe?

The British do not want to settle Ukrainians

Over the past month, the number of Ukrainian refugees in Britain who found themselves homeless has grown by almost a third. Almost three thousand people complained about the lack of housing to the self-government bodies. Main reason – the British don’t want accept Ukrainians in their homes due to the rising cost of housing maintenance. The £350 surcharge under the Homes for Ukraine program has ceased to justify itself. Well, Albion’s winters are not frosty…

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