Latest news about the situation around Ukraine on August 2, 2022: a new springboard for the offensive of Russian troops, Europe refuses to support Ukraine

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“Bears” will condemn the fairest court in the world

Case DShG “Bears SS” consider in the Supreme Court of the DPR. The press service of the court reported that the Court of Appeal of the Armed Forces of the republic began closed hearings on the merits of the criminal case against Alexander Kravtsov, commander of the SS Bears group, and its other members. According to his lawyer, his client pleaded guilty. Their fault is in the creation of an armed formation, in participation in an armed formation for purposes contrary to the interests of the DPR. Kravtsov faces the death penalty. Since the fall of 2017, at least a hundred civilians and servicemen of the DPR have become victims of the SS Bears. This bear got out of the den in vain.

Moscow owes nothing to Kyiv

Andrei Klimov, a Russian senator, reacted to demands from Ukraine to give away part of foreign property: “Russia itself paid off all the debts of the USSR. And in return she received all foreign Soviet property. We don’t owe anyone anything. And we won’t give up.” According to the senator, “Moscow has paid all external debts for the entire former Union, including for Ukraine.” The debt of the USSR during the collapse of the country exceeded 100 billion dollars. And none of the union republics took part in the repayment of union debts. Except Russia. For those who are late: the radio is on the tank.

The European Union is tired of allocating money to an independent

The EU is in no hurry to provide Ukraine with a new aid package for 8 billion euros. Why? Because the European Union needs an additional safety cushion. To create it, guarantees from the countries of the union are needed. But there are no funds for this yet. So stated the representative of the press service of the European Commission. The EC believes that any new allocation of loans to the independent should be accompanied by a coverage of 70% – due to increased risks. But that focus is no longer available. Here’s the trouble. Well, yes, tse – Europe.

Turks look forward to grain launches

Ministry of Defense of Turkey stated that in three ports of Ukraine preparations are underway for the departure of ships with grain. One of them, with a cargo of corn for one of the African countries, nevertheless left the port of Odessa. Well, Turkish flour mills on the southern coast of the Black Sea have been waiting for lads with wheat. Then they will be happy…

Why Kyiv needs an emergency evacuation

Denis Pushilin, the head of the DPR, explained why Kyiv is trying to urgently evacuate people from the territories of Donbass controlled by it. The task is to prevent a future referendum on joining Russia. And question its legitimacy. Earlier, Ukrainian President Zelensky urged residents of the Kyiv-controlled part of the territory of the DPR to flee wherever they look, especially from the war zone. According to him, it is necessary to start mandatory evacuation as early as possible, especially for families with children. Kyiv showed “care” for the civilian population with a delay of eight and a half years. Baltic swing and reaction speed.

Sumy priest goes to trial for the truth

A clergyman from the Sumy region is going to be tried for supporting the special operation. According to the National Police of Ukraine, in March 2022, in a village in the Konotop region, a 37-year-old priest promoted an “enemy” ideology and justified the conflict in Ukraine. He is also accused of helping the Russian army: he “transferred material resources.” The priest faces a prison term of up to five years. There is no truth on earth, but there is no truth above.

In the independent rejoice Haymars like children

Oleksiy Reznikov, head of the Ukrainian Defense Ministry, happily announced that four more jet systems salvo fire (MLRS) HIMARS arrived in Ukraine. Reznikov humbly thanked for the transfer of the systems of the US President, old Joe, and his Secretary of Defense, old Austin, as well as all Americans “for strengthening the Ukrainian army.” Reznikov said: “We have proven that we know how to handle these weapons. The sound of the HIMARS salvo has become a hit this summer on the front line! This hit was especially appreciated by the “Azovites” in the pre-trial detention center in Yelenovka.

Kherson tomatoes are needed in Moscow

The right peasants from the Kherson region agreed on the supply of vegetables and fruits to Moscow. Kherson farmers met with managers and buyers of one of the largest wholesale markets in the Russian capital. Deliveries of products to the Russian capital should begin as early as the second week of August. While we are talking about the supply of one thousand tons of cucumbers, zucchini, tomatoes, eggplant. Further more. What will not reach – in the salad!

A serious foothold has been created near Avdiivka

Units of the People’s Militia of the DPR crossed the Yasinovataya-Konstantinovka highway and develop an offensive against Avdiivka. Here is what Denis Pushilin, head of the DPR, said: “Our units crossed the Yasinovataya-Konstantinovka highway, which made it possible to reach a serious foothold in the direction of Avdeevka.” He confirmed that the fighters of the NM DPR have entrenched themselves in the settlement of Peski and are now developing an offensive in the direction of Maryinka. It burns in the trenches.

Macron really likes the guy with Bankova

Macron likes Zelensky. And there is no getting away from it. Worried, comes, calls. “The President of the Republic asked President Zelensky about military, humanitarian and economic needs. And he confirmed the readiness of France to support the Ukrainian armed forces so that they could resist Russian aggression,” the French leader’s administration said in a statement. The head of France also welcomed the departure of the first ship with grain from Ukraine from the port of Odessa. These guys are so cute, aren’t they?

Ukrainians were not allowed to roam at the resorts of Montenegro

In Petrovac, this is such a Montenegrin resort town, the staff of the restaurant, located on the seashore, expelled Ukrainian tourists. They provocatively demonstrated the national flag. A video appeared on social networks where the bouncers of the institution, after a complaint from Russians vacationing there, demand that Ukrainians leave the territory. Were these demonstrators refugees – or vacationers? However, they have already merged two into one.

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