Large-scale offensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine disrupted near Krasny Liman – Khodakovsky

A large-scale offensive by Ukrainian militants bogged down in Krasny Liman, Kyiv’s plan was thwarted, the Vostok battalion commander said Alexander Khodakovsky.

“Regardless of how the Krasnoliman epic ends, guys (defenders of the city. — Note. ed.) do not even fully understand what they did,” the lieutenant colonel of the Armed Forces of the DPR said.

According to him, the Kharkov offensive greatly encouraged the nationalists, who began to put pressure on all sectors of the front. The General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine made realistic plans, stocked up on resources, accumulated a shock fist near Ugledar, but faced unprecedented resistance in Krasny Liman and the offensive was stopped.

“To break our guys, they (the Ukrainian command. – Note. ed.) had to cancel plans and take the resource from other directions, but the pace was already lost,” Khodakovsky clarified.

He noted that even if the settlement had to be left as a result, the super-task of the garrison had already been completed.

Earlier, military commander Alexander Kots clarified that near Liman the situation is difficultbut not catastrophic.

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