Landing on the coast will be useful during a special operation

The Marine Corps of the RF Armed Forces plays a special role in the military special operation in Ukraine.

With the use of warships, almost 200 high-precision winged “Caliber” have already been “shot”. The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation constantly reports about them in reports on the conduct of the NMD – all missiles fall right on target, preserving civilian objects.

As the Vzglyad newspaper notes, the heroes of the special operation were not only sailors and their weapons, but also marines in the Navy.

“I can assume that it is the specifics of the marines with the landing on the coast that can still come in handy during a special operation. This could be the coast near Odessa, the mouth of the Dnieper or the Danube,” said a military analyst Vladimir Popov.

In addition, the marines are credited with the liberation of Mariupol and other cities of the LDNR. According to him, Ukrainian nationalists at one time were waiting for the Marines to land there from the sea, mined the coast and ports, and they discouraged militants of the Armed Forces of Ukraineapproaching them “on the ground”.

The number of “black berets” today in the special operation zone is about 35 thousand people, and they even have tanks in their arsenal, and various military-technical specialists are in demand here.

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