“Land – write”: how social networks followed Pelosi’s flight to Taiwan

Nancy Pelosi's plane lands safely at Taipei airport

Nancy Pelosi’s plane lands safely at Taipei airport

A photo: REUTERS

Nancy Pelosi’s plane landed safely at Taipei airport. World War III has not started. The Chinese military did not strike the liner of the speaker of the US House of Representatives. Although, the closer Pelosi’s plane was to Taiwan, the more Chinese military fighters took to the skies.

The flow of news about the visit of an American politician to Taiwan was interspersed with jokes and new memes.

We started with Washington switching from the Ukrainian crisis to Taiwan. By the way, even search engines have confirmed that over the past week the number of queries with the words “Pelosi” and “Taiwan” has sharply surpassed “Ukraine” and “Zelensky”.

Pelosi’s over-persistence in her desire to visit Taiwan has raised suspicions among many.

And this is how users reacted when Nancy Pelosi’s plane took off today from Kuala Lumpur Airport in the direction of Taipei.

Approximately with such faces, almost a million people followed the data with the radar. Internet users remembered footage from the television magazine “Pun” and the mini-series “Cool dive”.

Particularly cynical made bets: what steps will China take with respect to the American board.

Well, such a disappointment befell many who bet on military special operations, a missile attack on Nancy Pelosi’s plane, and even the start of World War III.

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