Lali Espósito gave her opinion on Shakira’s theme: “I don’t see them tearing their clothes off for songs where what is said is misogynistic”

Lali Espósito gave her opinion on the Bizarrap and Shakira song
Lali Espósito gave her opinion on the Bizarrap and Shakira song

The “BZRP Music Sessions #53″ continues to make people talk on social networks. Is that the launch of bizarre Y Shakira Not only is it one of the most listened to songs this week, but it also raised a stir due to the theme of spite that the Colombian singer addresses when referring to the end of her relationship with Gerard Piqué.

Among so many voices for and against the song, the one who raised his opinion in the last few hours was Lali Esposito. The Argentine singer shot from her Twitter account and supported the artists.

“Since when is writing a song with spite, anger or lack of love incorrect or put under the magnifying glass of a specific morality? Its music, guys. And this has been done forever. It is seen that it attracts more attention if it is done by a woman and a No. 1 like Shakiraright?”, the actress also wondered in the first of two tweets who posted about it.

Shakira and Bizarrap – Bzrp Music Sessions #53

In a second message posted on the social network, lali He went for more and attacked those who protested against the lyrics. “I don’t see them tearing their clothes off for songs where what is said is misogynistic, machirulo or violent… It’s more! They sing and dance happily. It’s a break and the artists make songs out of it!” She said and then closed, in the form of a hashtag and jokingly, with the following: “Opinion that nobody asked me for but I was passing through here, jeee. Kisses”.

Speculations regarding what would be the collaboration between the Argentine bizarre and the Colombian Shakira it surpassed everything imagined and within 12 hours of its world premiere it had already exceeded 25 million views. In this way, the video becomes one of the most viewed in the history of YouTube, sharing the podium with the steamroller of bts among other bands, and leaves another of the Latinos that for years flooded all the media, such as “Despacito”, far below.

Lali Esposito's tweets in support of Shakira and Bizarrap
Lali Esposito’s tweets in support of Shakira and Bizarrap

Within 24 hours of the premiere, the video clip already exceeded 53 million views and was comfortably ranked number 1 in terms of music trends on the platform. On January 9, it was surprising to see a plane carrying an enigmatic sign that read: “A wolf like me is not for guys like you 01/11/23″ on both the beaches of Miami and Mar del Plata.

Thus, without further ado, speculation began as to what the intended message would be. And it was little time that passed for the mystery to be revealed, and it was nothing more and nothing less than the “Music Session #53” of the Argentine bizarre. that would include the collaboration of the Colombian Shakira. Even when the Argentine producer confirmed the details of the new session with a post on his Instagram account, in a few minutes he had already achieved more than 6 million likes.

Bizarrap and Shakira
Bizarrap and Shakira

After its publication, the video became an immediate success and it didn’t take long for celebrities to appear supporting it, youtubers reacting to the song and breaking down the lyrics word by word, even some reversals and different maneuvers to try to capture some visitors taking into account the success of the original version.

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