Laima Vaikule stood under the “banner” of Ukraine at her concert

Singer Laima Vaikule at a concert in Lithuania showed the flag of Ukraine. The star thus showed her position on the special operation in Ukraine.

A fragment of the performance of Laima Vaikule, in which the singer unfurled the Ukrainian flag in front of the audience, got on the Web.

“How could it be otherwise? I am a citizen of Latvia, our policy and position are clear. If I didn’t want to comment on anything, I would be silent,” the performer of the hit “On Piccadilly Street” explained her act.

When asked if she was going to perform in Russia, the singer explained that she does not plan to do this yet, because she does not know “how this can happen emotionally.”

Formerly Laima Vaikule, who is close friends with Alla Pugacheva, interceded per Maxim Galkin after Margarita Simonyan called him gay on TV.

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