Laima Vaikule spat at the Russians, whom she had been earning for years

Singer Laima Vaikule.

Singer Laima Vaikule.


fans Limes Vaikule all the last months worry about her health. They say that the 68-year-old singer is again being eaten by cancer: oncology has returned, which the star seemed to have won back in the early nineties. Meanwhile, Lyme herself is in no hurry to reassure the public: she hardly appears on social networks, she does not react to terrible rumors. But he continues to perform, covering his head hat with scarfwhich further fuels talk about a terrible disease.

The next concert of Vaikule took place in Latvia on July 31. The artist again took the stage in an intricate headdress, but this was not at all embarrassing for Russian fans. At some point, Lyme appeared in front of the audience, defiantly stretching the yellow-blue flag. Our viewers, on whom the star has earned for years, did not appreciate such support for Ukraine.

Photo: social media account toms_antons.

Photo: social media account toms_antons.

“Disappointed”, “It would be better to keep silent”, “Apparently, you have already worked and earned your own – you can open your mouth”, “Where were you when children were killed in the Donbass”, “I made money in Russia, but supports Ukraine”, “I just spat at my fans,” social media users are outraged.

However, for Vaikule this is not the first such case. So, in 2018, the star caressed by the attention and money of the Russian public unexpectedly declared: she will not go on tour to the Crimea even for the most breathtaking fees. Like, she respects the opinion of Europe on this issue.

Then colleagues in Russian show business condemned the singer. And Laima’s husband Andrey Latkovsky, on the air of Komsomolskaya Pravda radio, was forced make excuses for the careless words of his wife.

– Let’s start with the fact that no one offered her to go there, – said Latkovsky. – It’s just a situation that is inflated or invented. At a press conference, they asked: “Will you go to Crimea to perform?” She says, “No, we are not allowed.” Then they ask her after some time: “Would you go for a lot of money?” She says, “No, we are not allowed.” That’s all she said. Everyone interprets, as they say, to the extent of his depravity. She didn’t say anything bad. With her viewer, listener, she acts honestly. If EU residents are strongly advised not to go, why should she go? What’s wrong with that..?


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