Laima Vaikule, latest news: how much she earns in Russia and why she betrayed Russian fans

Laima Vaikule, who performed with the flag of Ukraine, earned 390 million rubles in Russia in a year

Laima Vaikule, who performed with the flag of Ukraine, earned 390 million rubles in Russia in a year

A photo: Mikhail FROLOV

deed Limes Vaikulewhich took the stage in Latvia, waving the yellow and blue flag in support of Ukraine, her Russian fans perceived like a betrayal. For many years, the Latvian star has been treated kindly by the attention and money of our public, here all doors were open to her. However, Lyme did not appreciate the love of the viewer. “She earned us a comfortable old age in Europe, now you can not stand on ceremony,” offended Russians write on the Web.

Meanwhile, Laima Vaikule continues to do business in Russia to this day, making fabulous millions. So, Laima-Lux Rus LLC, which the artist has owned in half with a partner since 2000, except for Moscow, has representative offices in four more cities: St. Petersburg, Samara, Yekaterinburg and Krasnodar. The company sells cosmetics, accessories, furniture for beauty salons and provides “brand building” services. Collaborates with the national championship “Young Professionals” (Worldskills Russia), and in addition, trains specialists at his own Academy of Hairdressing.

– A well-known company in Russia, Latvia, Lithuania and Georgia with a reputation as a reliable partner. Aristocratic taste and a subtle sense of beauty – advertises its services “Laima-Lux Rus”.

As the site found out, the company’s business is going uphill. Last year alone, the brainchild of Vaikule showed a revenue of 390 million rubles. And this is not the limit. So, in 2014, when Crimea became part of Russia, Laima, despite all her condemnation, received an income of 453 million rubles. It seems that for all her anti-Russian position, the star does not intend to stop there: at the end of May 2022, Laima-Lux Rus LLC received a new license for the right to engage in pharmaceutical activities.

Recall that in 2018, Laima Vaikule got into a terrible scandal when she unexpectedly announced that she would not go on tour to the Crimea even for the most breathtaking fees. Like, she respects the opinion of Europe on this issue. Then politicians and colleagues in Russian show business sharply condemned the singer: they said that Vaikule decided on such statements so as not to lose her European earnings. Perhaps now Laima Vaikule will again try to sit on two chairs, because she still gives concerts and corporate parties not only in Latvia, but also in neighboring countries.

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