La Polar case: video of the restaurant owner’s daughter shooting into the air

The video where the alleged daughter of the restaurant owner is seen shooting into the air was broadcast through social networks.  Photo: Screen print
The video where the alleged daughter of the restaurant owner is seen shooting into the air was broadcast through social networks. Photo: Screen print

After the controversy that was generated in the birria restaurant the polarlocated in the San Rafael neighborhood, in Mexico Cityafter the death of a man who was beaten by local employees, was disseminated through social media a new video in which you see a woman shooting into the air.

Said woman would supposedly be Gabriela Garcés, daughter of Doña Trini, who owns the restaurant. The video was shared on the account of Carlos Jiménez, red note journalist. In the video the woman is seen, accompanied by a man in a red shirt, shooting into the air. The man, who was supposed to be her husband, He helps her shoot, while in the background another man can also be seen shooting into the air.

In the video description of Jimenezit is read that the facts they would have happened a few blocks from the canteen and in the new year celebrationsjust a few days ago.

After the dissemination of the video, the followers of Carlos Jimenez They showed their anger and disagreement with the actions of the woman who appears in the video in the comments.

Last January 9th from 2023 the CDMX Prosecutor’s Office placed research stamps outside the canteen the polarjust after the announcement of the death of a client after allegedly being struck for workers of the place.

Since then the Secretary of Citizen Security (SSC) from CDMX achieved arrest a 45 year old man of age, who is apparently also related to violent actssaid man mentioned that it could be the manager.

The fatality was identified as Antonio Monrroy Jimenez of 59 yearswhich is presumed to have been beaten to death for employees of the establishmentfor this reason the facts were denounced for one of his companions via a live stream from his Facebook account last night January the 8th.

The man was found unconscious by police on the outskirts of the place located in the Guillermo Prieto street, San Rafael neighborhood. According to the reports from the Secretary of Security, paramedics arrived at the site to help the victim who was diagnosed with a cardiorespiratory arrest after multiple blows.

Employees of the Cuauhtémoc mayor's office closed the bar (Twitter/@AlcCuauhtemocMx)
Employees of the Cuauhtémoc mayor’s office closed the bar (Twitter/@AlcCuauhtemocMx)

Added to the closure of the establishment, the FGJ CDMX announced the start of an investigation folder for this case, in which an alleged implicated person has already been arrested. Is about Roman Ignacio “N”identified as the restaurant manager and likely responsible for the homicide.

By now it became clear that the Security agent that can be seen in the recordings released does not belong to the Secretariatsince the restaurant had its own staff of Private security.

The companion of the deceased person, whom they identified as Adriana Amaranthdeclared before the authorities that after having ingested some alcoholic beverages, her partner had a discussion with the personnel of the place, after having issued a complain by bad attention that they were receiving and the high prices of the restaurant, to which the workers allegedly began to physically assault the victim to the point of leaving him unconscious. The problem would also have been due to an excessive tip charge, which also would have been indicated as mandatory.

Recently, the Mexico City Attorney General’s Office (FGJ CDMX) revealed that two subjects arrested who could presumably be involved in the death of a diner in the restaurant the polarlocated in the mayor’s office cuauhtémoc.

(Screenshot: CDMX Prosecutor's Office)
(Screenshot: CDMX Prosecutor’s Office)

The FGJ revealed that soon they will present before a control judge two men who were arrestedwho respond to the names of Braulio N. Y Oscar N.during a search that was carried out on the site, with the sole purpose of being able to clear up the homicide of a person on your premises. During the application it seized firearms and an amount in cash.

“We will present before a control judge to two men arrested for elements of the Investigative Police (PI) during a search in a restaurant Bar of the mayor’s office cuauhtémocto clarify the homicide of a person. In the diligence they made sure weapons of fire and money in cash”, could be read in the FGJ CDMX statement.


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