Kyrgyz politician Amantur Manapbaev: We must fully support Russia’s special operation in Ukraine

Young Kyrgyz politician Amantur Manapbaev

Young Kyrgyz politician Amantur Manapbaev

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The post blew up social media in Kyrgyzstan: a local young politician, Amantur Manapbaev, recorded a video message with an emotional appeal to strengthen friendship with Russia. And all just when the official Bishkek is trying to free itself from the tutelage of the West: for example, in recent months, Kumtor, the largest gold mine in Central Asia, has been nationalized. The former owners, a well-known multinational corporation, were noted only for environmental pollution and tax evasion.

Why is there a “pivot to the north” in Kyrgyzstan, and how does the new generation, which no longer found the Soviet Union, relate to our country? Amantur Manapbaev spoke about this in an interview with


— Let me start with a question that splits the whole world — the events in Ukraine.

“It is one thing to carry out a special operation for imperialist motives, and another to defend the conquests of our ancestors. We see: on the borders of the former Soviet Union, neo-fascism has again raised its head. After the coup d’état in 2014, pocket politicians lured by the US came to power in Ukraine. They in every possible way supported not friendship between peoples, but nationalist movements. For eight years civilians of Donbass were exterminated because of their desire to free themselves from neo-Nazism. This is no secret to anyone.

— And how do ordinary Kyrgyz perceive the current situation?

– When the peoples of Russia are fighting fierce battles against neo-Nazism, we, as the descendants of the victors, cannot stand aside. The authorities of Kyrgyzstan cannot be on both sides of the barricade! I think that we should fully support the special operation in Ukraine. The conscious part of the population of Kyrgyzstan, despite the censorship in Western social networks and the informational discrediting of the liberation operation, understands everything perfectly. This is evidenced by the large-scale rallies in support of Russia that have recently taken place in Bishkek and Osh. Also, I want to note that many volunteers from Kyrgyzstan are participating in the liberation of Ukraine. For us, this is a sacred special operation, the work of our fathers and grandfathers who fought in the Great Patriotic War.


– At the same time, in May, a large American delegation headed by the deputy. US Secretary of State Donald Lu. To “sow the reasonable, the good, the eternal”?

“Unfortunately, the authorities in Kyrgyzstan flirt unnecessarily with the United States and the West in general, not understanding the risks that lurk in such relations. For the efforts of the US officials to work with Central Asia, including Kyrgyzstan, are to destabilize the region. This is confirmed by the latest events in Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan. But we do not have a common history and mental unity with the West, we do not have a common culture and language. Only a handful of pro-American media outlets and NGOs that sold their souls for dollars continue to sabotage our society. However, it should be noted, not without the support of some high-ranking officials in the government of Kyrgyzstan.

What exactly do these NGOs do?

– For example, on March 8, despite the bright meaning of this date, pro-Western organizations periodically stage provocations, imposing LGBT slogans on people at festive rallies. They sow nonsense about the “third gender”, causing public outrage. Trainings, discussions and street actions of this kind are directly funded by Western organizations. In parallel, they are working to discredit Russia in the information space. While praising American-style democracy. What misleads people who are not able to think critically.


– Are your words about the need for an alliance with Russia a marginal point of view … or the voice of the masses?

– In Kyrgyzstan, to this day, they remember with gratitude the joint history that our fathers and grandfathers outlined for us. Back in the 19th century, the leader of the Kyrgyz, Kurmanzhan Datka, headed for friendship with Russia. Later, in the 20th century, this course was continued by Iskhak Razzakov, Turdakun Usubaliev and Absamat Masaliev (the most famous leaders of the Kirghiz SSR – ed.) within the framework of a single state – the Soviet Union. Under Soviet power, we have achieved unprecedented heights. Therefore, despite the splitting policy of the “transatlantic partner”, the broad masses of Kyrgyzstan consider Russia to be the main ally.

Whereas Western players, led by the United States, are guided by personal interests and double standards, which lead to the death of independent countries. They do not even hide from us that “American-style democracy” means the power of the United States, and not the power of the people.

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