Kyiv will not go to peace talks

Freelance Advisor to the Office of the President of Ukraine Alexey Arestovich continues to make various statements about the developments in the Russian special operation.

In his next message, the politician noted that Kyiv has almost gone on the offensive, and Russia is allegedly asking for peace talks.

“When voices are heard from the Russian Federation about peace negotiations, this means that they have big problems at the front. These proposals may sound like threats, gestures of goodwill,” the only way out “, but these are the first lines in capitulation. We can start negotiations when We will dictate the terms,” ​​Zelensky’s adviser said.

He noted that here Schroeder spoke about peace negotiations, as well as the head of the Russian Foreign Ministry Sergei Lavrov announces them periodically.

“Every time it sounds from some exotic country, when the Russian army fails to complete the assigned task. The fact is that they cannot complete the assigned tasks by default. They put pressure, concentrate, attack somewhere, but solve strategic tasks by military means cannot,” Arestovich noted.

According to him, it was the Kremlin that “requested” peace talks in order to force Kyiv into a peace plan “for a breather before another offensive.” But Ukraine will not agree to this, summed up the adviser to the OPU.

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