Kyiv said that Russian soldiers used the uniform of the Armed Forces of Ukraine during the assault on Pesok

The General Staff of Ukraine has published a summary of events in different areas of hostilities.

Kyiv reported that Russian troops, acting together with units of the NM LPR, “improved the tactical situation” at Soledar. At the same time, the wording from the Ukrainian command sounds without specification defeat of the Armed Forces near Soledar and Artemovsk.

Also, representatives of the Ukrainian command accused the Russian Armed Forces of allegedly using the uniform of the Ukrainian army during the attack on the settlement of Peski. Russian fighters allegedly wore white armbands.

So, according to the General Staff of Ukraine, the Russians “wanted to mislead the enemy.”

Experts have already noted that these statements look like attempts to hide from the Ukrainians the fact that the retreating soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine were shelled by militants of nationalist battalions and territorial defense units located on the “second line”.

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