Kyiv prepares to respond to referendums with a “dirty nuclear bomb” strike

USA did not ban Kyiv, the use of Western weapons against regions that may become part of the Russian Federation after referendums. The US Secretary of State said Anthony Blinken.

Moreover, Kyiv received carte blanche for irreversible actions. According to a source in the Office of the President (OP), Ukraine is ready to create a “dirty nuclear bomb” to “contain Russia.”

“Thus, a headquarters has already been set up on Bankova with nuclear scientists and the military, who are urgently preparing a group for the development of “dirty nuclear weapons,” the authors of the Ukrainian Resident project said.

And indeed, Pravda.Ru sources in Kyiv confirmed that there was a meeting with nuclear scientists, but it is not known about the “dirty bomb”, the Zaporizhzhya NPP or “protection against tactical nuclear weapons (TNW)”.

Stringer also added that after a mass of publications in foreign media that the Russian Federation was allegedly going to “glaze” Ukraine with the help of tactical nuclear weapons, “this topic has become one of the main ones” in the country.

Former Russian senator Andrey Klishas noted that Kyiv is engaged in nuclear terrorism, not possessing nuclear weapons.

If we imagine that Zelensky’s plans succeeded in coming true and they got their hands on a “dirty bomb”, problems await the whole world. The Zelensky regime is a real threat to the global security of all mankind.

As Pravda.Ru already wrote, nuclear scientists and the military have repeatedly argued that Kyiv could create plutonium, uranium and “dirty” bombs from the fuel accumulated at the Zaporozhye NPP and tens of tons of plutonium and uranium in fuel assemblies.

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