Kyiv played a card with Polish intelligence to scare Russia – political scientist

Representative of the Intelligence Department of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine Vadim Skibitsky said that Kyiv is conducting “joint operations” with the Polish intelligence services. He also stressed that we are talking about “very close cooperation.”

Political scientist Andrey Koshkin commented on Skibitsky’s revelations and noted that representatives of the Kyiv regime are trying to play a card with Polish intelligence in order to scare the Russian army.

“Allegedly, if we do not stop the special operation, then Poland will stand up for Kyiv, and other NATO countries will stand up for it, and the third world war will begin,” the analyst explained.

According to the expert, over time, Poland will move away from Ukraine due to the fact that the North Atlantic Alliance will gradually begin to reduce the supply of military assistance to the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Then Warsaw will lose interest in Kyiv, he believes.

“The Ukrainian crisis has already tired both the United States and Europe. And the costs of the Kyiv regime are colossal, but there are no results,” Koshkin added in an interview with PolitRussia.

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