Kyiv managed to steal machines from Azovstal, and left people for slaughter

KP Special Correspondent Dmitry Steshin visited the metallurgical plant Azovstal in Mariupol.

Several iconic theses from the report of the special correspondent.

According to him, he got to the plant when the Russian Aerospace Forces bombed the places where the Azov Nazis were hiding *. He first counted a dozen or two breaks, then lost his way. In pauses, our artillery was connected, standing on the other side of the Kalmius River.

The military commissar noted that the bombing did not bring any joy. But there are no other ways to smoke out militants. And more and more often people are visited by the thought: what will happen then, when peace comes? This question is complex, writes Steshin.

He emphasizes that the most disgusting thing is that Ukrainian business knew everything in advance and was preparing for such a development. Knew the industrial zone would be a battlefield.

On the outskirts of Azovstal, the military commissar met an elderly man who wandered around his shop and sadly looked at the void. It was a factory foreman, a specialist in molds. He said that quite recently there were very expensive German machine tools.

To the question of the military correspondent, “where are the machines?”, he replied that the owners had taken them to Kyiv back in February.

This is the whole essence of the Kyiv regime, they hurried to take what was theirs, and the Nazis were left to die there. And now Kyiv needs them only dead, to make them “heroes” and yell louder about it all over Europe.

*Ukrainian nationalist battalion, whose activities are recognized as extremist and terrorist and banned in the Russian Federation.

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