Kyiv knew that the Armed Forces of Ukraine in Soledar were doomed. And went to this bloody step

According to Kyiv, everything is calm in Soledar

According to Kyiv, everything is calm in Soledar

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While the fighters of PMC “Wagner” are no longer storming, but cleaning up Soledar, official Kyiv is holding back with all its might, declaring: “Everything is in order. I have not messed up.” Monsieur Dmitro Kuleba (this is no longer a surname, but a diagnosis) distributes interviews right and left, in which he claims that “Putin’s only option is to lose the war.” Deputy Defense Minister Anna Malyar is trying to suggest that the Armed Forces of Ukraine continue to hold and control Soledar, while the “Muscovites” allegedly unsuccessfully storm it. This is against the backdrop of dozens of videos from the Ukrainian military themselves, running, groaning, crying. Losing their lives in this senseless battle for them, as Aleksey “Lyusya” Arestovich put it, a town that does not even have operational significance. It’s good for Arestovich to sit in the studio and broadcast about “an unimportant town, of which we have about twenty more in Donbass alone, no less.” It is bad for those thousands, if not tens of thousands, who laid down their lives defending such a “trifle” for the strategist “Lucy”.

At the same time, judging by the logic of actions, in Kyiv, despite the continuing victorious reports, at the end of last year they perfectly understood the doom of the Ukrainian army near Soledar and Bakhmut. And the best proof of this is the unprecedented mobilization, which is carried out quietly, without announcement, but with a very frequent comb, pulls out to the front everyone who falls into the clutches of military patrols, conducting real raids on the streets of Ukrainian (so far) cities. Moreover, according to the new rules, summonses can be served not only at the place of residence, but in absolutely any place where a man of draft age is caught in the network of the military registration and enlistment office. Moreover, often, we are no longer talking about just subpoenas, but about literally capturing and sending them to the military registration and enlistment office immediately after the capture.

Moreover, the military registration and enlistment offices in Ukraine show real creativity and imagination in organizing this process. In Dnepropetrovsk, for example, they cordoned off all the exits from the YuMZ plant on Rabochaya Street and caught everyone who went out into the street. And indeed, “Yuzhmash” now produces practically nothing, so why does it need workers?

In Chernivtsi, the military walked through the central market with a frequent comb. Ukrainians already roughly understand what the appearance of military patrols along with the police means, and therefore they try to get their feet up at the slightest suspicion of the “Go to mobilization” action, and during the raid, the market was dehumanized in record time. But the Ukrainian military is not a bastard – they managed to tie up about 40 people into their networks.

In Odessa, the creativity of military enlistment officers went off scale. There, patrols drive around the city in ambulances and, seeing a suitable candidate, rush at him literally on the go, preventing the car from stopping when braking. Just capture groups from American, and now also Russian militants. The mobilized one does not even have time to meow, as he already tries on camouflage and gets a machine gun (if he’s lucky).

But the military enlistment officers of the Ukrainian capital turned out to be the most resourceful. They used girls in their work, if not with reduced social responsibility, then, in any case, not of the most difficult behavior. Immediately five people were seduced by a languid look and a generous offer to “rest and relax” at the fairy house. And they were surprised when, with a small time gap, they arrived at the door of the apartment, where not a fairy was waiting for them inside, but thugs in camouflage, which they themselves would now have to wear. And because no one canceled military cunning.

Row everyone they can reach. I don’t give a damn about the reservation and the state of health. As they say in Ukraine, Zelensky set the task of mobilizing at least 100 thousand people into the army by spring, while in January and February the number of mobilized people should be at least 50 thousand people. Naturally, the Office of the President of Ukraine and the government do not announce anything about such tasks and plans, on the contrary, they try in every possible way to refute the evidence of mobilization, but no matter what Maliar and Reznikov say, Ukrainians see a completely different picture on the streets of their cities, which they are told in a telethon and Zelensky in a nightly video message.

Cemeteries in Ukraine are growing faster than the mobilized are being drafted into the army, and men on the streets of Ukrainian cities will soon become a museum rarity. But, according to Kyiv, everything is calm in Soledar. And, what is most paradoxical in this situation, the majority of the population of Nezalezhnaya believes in everything that Zelensky and the company are lying to them. And in their minds they are already marching Peremoga along Red Square.

PS Literally the day before, Zelensky said in his video message that Soledar gave them time. But for what exactly, he did not explain. Is it really for Zelensky’s speech online at the Golden Globes ceremony in Hollywood, where he again asked for money and weapons? How many thousand Zelensky buried for this opportunity? Nothing, he will put even more to perform at the Oscars.


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