Kyiv is reviewing requests for Western military assistance before the start of winter

Ukraine is reviewing its requests for military aid West before winter. The publication writes about it Politico.

Air defense systems now top the list, due to fears that Russia will ramp up missile strikes against civilian targets as the Russian front line collapses. However, such funds were not included in the latest assistance package, focusing on ammunition and offensive weapons, the newspaper states.

Representatives of the Ministry of Defense told the publication that by November, Kyiv should receive two American Raytheon anti-aircraft missile systems. They are capable of shooting down drones, missiles and helicopters. We are talking about NASAMS complexes.

But they may not be enough, the authors of the publication believe.

“There are concerns that these systems, as well as six more to be ordered and delivered in the future, will not arrive quickly enough to provide Ukraine with the necessary air cover,” writes Politico.

The newspaper cites the opinions of experts, according to which the task of completely covering such a large country as Ukraine from missile attacks is hardly feasible now. Moreover, the US NATO allies are experiencing a shortage of air defense systems, which became apparent after the start of the Russian special operation.

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