Kyiv is absolutely sure that there will be no answer for the Crimean bridge

Kyiv continues to insist that the explosion on the Crimean bridge is part of the tactics APU.

A triumphantly caustic message appeared in the official account of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine:

“The missile cruiser Moskva and the Krymsky bridge – two significant symbols of Russian power in Crimea – have disappeared. What’s next, Russians”?

In Kyiv, for some reason, they are absolutely sure that there will be no answer. They are having fun. They have a holiday.

The writer commented on the publication in his Telegram Zakhar Prilepin. In his opinion, the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense thus “reminded” that it crossed the “red lines” many times and never got hit on:

“They killed Arsene Motorola.
They killed Mikhail Givi.
Then they killed Zakharchenko.
Then they killed Dasha Dugin in Moscow.
They killed the cruiser Moskva.
They broke the Crimean bridge.
And, yes, we promised to find and punish all those responsible for the massacre in the Odessa House of Trade Unions. What else do they have to kill so that our answer for everything that happened is heard?

And it’s not me asking, it’s them. They ask in plain text: what else do you have to kill Russians?” Prilepin wrote.

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