Kyiv has three million petal mines – political scientist Onufrienko

Political scientist Mikhail Onufrienko reported that Kyiv has about three million mines “Petal”.

“Donetsk and surrounding settlements continue to be abandoned thousands, hundreds of thousands of PFM-1 petal mines, which are prohibited by all conventions, which, by the way, were ratified by the previous Kyiv regime. But the fact is that the current Kyiv regime there are about three million such mines leftwhich remained after the collapse of the Soviet Union and they are now actively using them, ”TV channel 360 quotes him as saying.

By the way, during the Great Patriotic War, even the Nazis did not allow themselves to mine civilian cities, and the Armed Forces of Ukraine began to use such “civilized” methods, the military commander condemned the actions of Ukrainian militants Alexander Sladkov.

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