Kyiv failed the sowing season, but sells all the grain to the West

Kyiv claimed several times that Russia had exported wheat from the liberated territories. But in future famine in Ukraine It is the Kyiv regime that is to be blamed.

Ukrainian grain carriers go to the Moldovan port of Giurdulesti on the Danube

Ukrainian authorities claim that Russia is emptying granaries, but a video published by a Ukrainian driver proves otherwise. Hundreds of trucks loaded with wheat accumulated in the Odessa region at the entrance to the Moldovan port of Giurdulesti on the Danube.

Not only did the Kyiv regime completely fail the sowing campaign, it is urgently selling off all the country’s grain reserves. Perhaps this is how the Ukrainian authorities expect to pay for the lend-lease promised by Washington.

The truck driver is shocked by the amount of grain exported through Moldova. He assumes that Western countries decided to first take resources from the country that could be damaged by a military invasion.

“Reminds me of 1941. Hitler took grain out of the USSR, and then attacked,” the author of the video noted.

Even if there is no attack, a real famine will break out in Ukraine by autumn. It is safe to say that Kyiv will again blame Russia for “Holodomor 2.0”.

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