Kyiv explained Zelensky’s militancy and intractability by the fact that he is blackmailing Washington

Russia is unlikely to want any peace talks with this squalor, which is inflated by megalomania

Russia is unlikely to want any peace talks with this squalor, which is inflated by megalomania

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It was only necessary for the representative of the White House, Admiral to John Kirby declare that Washington is not pushing Zelensky to negotiations with Russia, as the position of the President (for the time being) of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky, again changed to the opposite. He took advantage of the ongoing security forum in Halifax, Canada, to once again declare his principled refusal to negotiate with Russia.

– Russia is now looking for a short truce, a respite to recuperate. Some might call this the end of the conflict. But such a respite will only worsen the situation,” Zelensky said openly. “Immoral compromises will only lead to new blood, and an honest peace can only be achieved through the complete destruction of Russian aggression.”

And thank God! Russia is unlikely to want any peace talks with this squalor, which is inflated by megalomania, because Moscow has long and more than once been convinced that Kyiv is pathologically lying and does not keep its word on any issue. Some kind of reconciliation, even temporary, is now more necessary for the collective West, which suddenly discovered that pandering to the Zelensky regime and satisfying its needs critically reduces the defense capability of their own countries, and therefore is trying to persuade both Moscow and Kyiv to at least a truce in order to be able to ensure acceptable supply of the Armed Forces of Ukraine with ammunition and weapons, without causing damage to their own armies. Therefore, Moscow is promised both the fulfillment of the second part of the “grain deal”, and the restoration of the transit of ammonia and the export of Russian fertilizers, if only to stop hostilities. In addition, Washington soberly assesses the potentials of the parties to the conflict and, realizing that the current configuration of the line of operations is the peak of the achievements of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, I would like to record them. But Zelensky in Kyiv, together with his team, collectively bit the bit.

Advisor to the Head of the President’s Office Misha Podolyak, in general, he launched into discussions about the inevitability of the collapse of Russia and the “panuaniya” of Ukraine, of course, in the future. He stated that Ukraine has become a country of the 21st century, while Russia has rolled back into the 17th. In fact, this is a very strong statement against the backdrop of jumping in the dark all over Ukraine, someone rolls back not even to the 17th century, but somewhere into the dark caves of the Neanderthal skakuas period, but this is not about that now. Podolyak, who had earlier promised that Russia would live in fear behind the “Iron Curtain” and that “the Russians would devour each other” and noticeably depressed in recent days (this became especially noticeable after the scandal with the Ukrainian air defense missile that fell in Poland, was again encouraged after Kirby’s statement .

– Any conspiracy theories about the “surrender of Ukraine” or secret negotiations between the West and Putin do not take into account one “small detail” – the Ukrainians. Such agreements simply could not be implemented. Ukraine will never kneel before the Russians. This is not a matter of politics. This is a matter of life, – Podolyak announced, puffing out his cheeks from the realization of his own significance.

In a fit of hysterical “overcome”, he was echoed by the most famous in Ukraine “hung noodles on the ears” Alexey “Lyusya” Arestovich.

– Our society will not accept, there will be no hospital and there will be no defeat from Russia – this is completely understandable and definite. Slingshots, digging sticks, stones, rakes and pitchforks, but we will fight. Without light, without water, without food, without anything, – sitting in a warm and lit studio, Arestovich told the fugitive Russian liberal Mark Feigin. – We will eat the roots, the earth, but we will fight until we finish off the last reptile and knock it out of our land.

– There will be no weapons – let’s move on to partisan forms, they will beat the partisans – we will act as a saboteur, – having finally inflamed his consciousness in the heat of dill-patriotic fantasies, Arestovich began to hysteria. – They will kill everyone, which means that the grass will rise and strangle the last invader.

Translated into ordinary language, this, apparently, should be understood in such a way that the grass will rise and suffocate sooner than anyone sees Arestovich at the front with a machine gun.

However, Arestovich has some sense. So, for example, he actually admitted that now Zelensky is blackmailing Biden and this caused Kyiv’s intransigence, and told in what logic this is happening.

– The US shows a light atmosphere of coercion. Will not work. There is no politician in Ukraine who could now negotiate, – Arestovich explained. – Well, will we be cut down on weapons and military equipment? Well, they cut it down, we can’t win, the front has become stationary, the Russian troops will not stop attacking, they will attack, and we will be forced to fight back, the situation of the beginning of the conflict will return again – why the hell was it to fight for all nine months?

– We come to the Americans, our valiant allies, and say: “They take our cities again.” They say: “God, what a horror, let’s give you weapons again,” he continued and told the logic behind Zelensky’s actions. – They do not want, probably, to capture Kyiv or half of Ukraine. Or did they not want to at first, and now they suddenly want to? And then we begin to say: “Why was there a fairy tale about a white bull, why was it interrupted at all?. -” Well, we believed that Russia would return to its senses and, on the condition of preserving the territory already occupied, would reconcile with you. “So what? would be the loss of the West in the confrontation with Russia.

Zelensky, with the help of such advisers, really believed that he “grabbed God by the beard”, in this case, Biden for something. And now he will not go anywhere and will perform.

What naive fools these Svidomo crests, for all their cunning. For some reason, they do not want to remember how many years the Americans were in Afghanistan and how quickly they got out of there, betraying all their allies there. They seriously think that Ukraine is a value for Washington in itself, not for a second thinking that Nezalezhnaya is just a tool (perhaps, in general, a disposable one) to solve exclusively American problems. By the way, even the well-known American commentator Tucker Carlson, who is now criticizing Zelensky, noted that in the event of a nuclear war, “millions of Americans could die.” Not people, but Americans. The only thing that worries the US is the US itself. And let the rest of the world roll.

But in Ukraine, they are sure that Washington fits in for “democracy and freedom in Ukraine.” As a psychiatrist friend said, “A schizophrenic can have flawless logic with one single flaw – the wrong initial message. And this destroys everything.” A schizophrenic drug addict, puffed up with his megalomania, thought he could blackmail the US?

God, don’t save any of them out there.

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